Canada Post Posts Profit

Canada Post is posting a profit for the fourth quarter of 2014, which makes me happy.  No, I don't work for Canada Post but as an eBay seller I do use Canada Post's services almost every single business day of the year and I would like to see them continue to be an option for shipping my parcels.

The headline I caught reads, "The crown corporation reported third-quarter earnings on Wednesday that showed the post office segment recorded a before-tax profit of $13 million, compared to a $129 million loss in the same period a year earlier."

This result is in part from an increase in revenue from parcel services. Canada Post says it had anticipated moving 800,000 parcels a day during the holiday season. The actual number of parcels shipped increased by 3 million in the third quarter with revenue up from the previous year by 8 per cent.

I know that the increased revenue comes from other controversial changes like increased prices, the move to community mailboxes and lower employee benefit costs. However, I think we all know and can agree that the crown corporation could not continue to operate with a deficit of $129 million.  Something had to change.

Postage cost is just one challenge of selling on eBay. The cost of shipping is much more expensive than the cost of shipping in the U.S.  It definitely puts Canadian sellers at a big disadvantage.

I look to the new year to see what the next changes from Canada Post will be. There is always a price increase so that will not be a surprise to me, but I do wonder what else we have to look forward to. Personally, I would like to see tracking on all of Canada Post's parcel services, a feature that many of my American customers expect to see when I ship their parcels.

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Facts and figures from The Star business section. 

Found: Lost Christmas Ornament on eBay

'Tis the season for lovely stories like this one in which a woman breaks a prized Christmas ornament that she purchased at Lord and Taylor  in the 1980s when she travelled there with her now-deceased brothers.

Her daughter, seeing her mother remember that Christmas ornament each year, eventually reaches out online for help and readers help her locate the ornament on eBay. Given eBay's vast selection of listings and global community, the fact that they found it on that site really does not really surprise me but it is heart warming that people online helped put the person who wanted to replace a treasured memory together with a seller who had one for sale.

The ornament is a hand blown and hand painted glass Italian Soffieria de Carlini Christmas ornament.  You can find the listing here on eBay.

Merry Christmas!

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eBay Makes Christmas Wishes Come True

At Christmastime, there are lots of great stories online about people helping people. Here's a lovely story that I discovered today. A short video that shows how eBay made the Christmas wishes of a group of children come true.

It reminds me, in a way, of last year's viral video about the West Jet Christmas, which you can view here.

The eBay doesn't seem as big or as flashy as the West Jet one but it is still a lovely story that those little girls and boys will remember forever.

Watch the video yourself here:

I hope that giving in one way or another is a part of your holiday season.

Merry Christmas!

John Lewis' Penguin Ad Causes Toy Penguin Sales to Skyrocket

It takes a lot to surprise me and I have to say that I am not really surprised that the sales of and searches for penguins on eBay have skyrocketed on eBay since the release of the John Lewis Christmas advertisement for 2014.

The ad shares the story of a boy and his love for his toy penguin, Monty. (You can watch the ad for yourself by clicking here.)

Apparently, the toy penguins representing Monty and Mabel sold out at John Lewis’ stores within 24 hours.

People quickly turned to eBay to see if they could find a plush Monty and Mable and to see what other penguin toys are available that are similar to that new celebrity couple.

According to The Independent, 2,638 penguin toys were sold on eBay in the time frame of November 6 to November 17 or approximately 240 stuffed penguins per day.

Of course, John Lewis' stuffed penguins started showing up on eBay Immediately after they sold out at John Lewis. There are a few available right now and you can see them on eBay by clicking right here.  Since John Lewis is a British company, you will have to shop on and you will want to shop carefully if you want to have a real John Lewis plush penguin.

If you just want an attractive plush penguin, eBay presents a huge variety of new, used and vintage penguins.  My search just now for "plush penguins" turned up more than 8,000 penguin toys to choose from. You might narrow that search down a little bit by using the name of a brand of plush toys that you like. Perhaps Steiff, Gund or even Hugsy though Hugsy is far from a realistic stuffed penguin.

Who is Hugsy? Hugsy is yet another celebrity penguin. He is famous from the television series Friends. However, Hugsy's story is material for yet a blog post in the future.

I see a host of other Monty and Mabel themed listings on eBay including this fun Monty and Mabel shopping tote bag from eBay seller BeMineClothing. I think it could be part of a great gift set. Simply use the tote bag as a handsome reusable gift bag and include a couple of other interesting Penguin-themed items, perhaps a plush toy and a copy of the documentary film, The March of the Penguins.

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Click here to find the Monty & Mabel shopping bag on eBay.

EBAY CARTOON: A Picture Really Is Worth A Thousand Words

Whichever side of the transaction you find yourself on on eBay, be it the buyer or the seller or maybe even both, you are found to enjoy the sentiment shared on this New Yorker cartoon by Lee Lorenz.  

The caption reads, "It's eBay fever - we'll have to pull the plug." A sentiment that can be applied equally to both the eBay shopping addict and the eBay selling hoarder. 

If you are the buyer, you can relate to finding all kinds of cool, unique, unusual, new, used and vintage treasures on eBay.

If you are an eBay seller, you are well aware of how easy it is to find merchandise to sell on eBay and how quickly it can pile up if you do not stay on top of listing...

'Till next time, keep on doing whichever it is you do!   I'll try to keep on listing.

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Travel Calendar 2015

I stumbled across this travel-themed calendar from the Rifle Paper Company today on Pinterest and decided it is going on my Christmas wish list. I have not written a lot about our travels on this blog but we do love to travel.

Included within the covers are a few places that we have visited like Paris and London but many that we have yet to visit like the Amalfi Coast, Kyoto and Havana.

To be honest, my husband's work took him to many of the other places shared in this calendar but thank goodness he is happy to revisit them with me.

I love the images, which are from hand-painted, vintage-style illustrations of some of the world's most interesting destinations and, at 11 by 17 inches, the pictures are all generously sized making this a nice piece of artwork for your wall for the year 2015.

I think this Travel the World calendar would make a great gift idea for anyone who loves to travel or even simply someone who simply dreams of travelling.  Will you be putting it on your wish list?

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Buy this Travel calendar on eBay.

Fantastical Fairies By Jasmine Becket-Griffith / Strangeling

Let Me Introduce You To Jasmine Becket-Griffith's Fairies Pictures...

Every now and then, I have the good luck to stumble across a remarkable artist online. In this case, I have discovered Jasmine Becket-Griffith who is a full-time, self-employed artist who paints mostly in acrylics and whose genre covers fairy, fantasy, and gothic artwork. Ms. Becket-Griffith works under the name of STRANGELING.
In particular, I love her fairy pictures. If you love fairies, you too will be amazed at Ms. Becket-Griffith's work, at where you can find it and at what you will find it on. Even if you do not LOVE fairies, you will probably still appreciate this artwork.
You will find Ms. Becket-Griffith's artwork in retail stores, in books, in art galleries in the United States and conveniently you will find a collection of her fairy pieces available on Zazzle by clicking here.
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Martha Stewart Halloween Magazine 2014

Every year, I wait anxiously for the Halloween issue of Martha Stewart Living.  Well, here it is, at last.

The magazine this year is two sided with one side representing the regular monthly issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine. It's done in grays and oranges with ornate pumpkins and a handsome owl and really is a lovely image, don't you think? Kudos to those fabulous photographers and of course to those who give the photographers some pretty great props to photograph.

The flip side of this issue, called Martha Stewart Living A Special Section, features Martha looking pretty amazing in silvery white and blue. Her turquoise eyes (or maybe that color really is Martha's robin's egg blue) really pop. When you look at that picture for more than a moment you see more and more levels of detail. I expect it must have been difficult for the costume designers to know when to stop.

If you were looking for a Martha Stewart Living special edition for 2014, I think it is safe to say that you can stop looking.  The presence of the words "A Special Section" on the backside of this October issue confirms at least in my mind that there will not be a dedicated special this year.

If you'd like to add this year's issue to your collection, you can find it at Amazon by clicking right here.

I'm off now to add this page to my Martha Stewart Living Halloween magazine index page. If you would like to take a peek at most of the Martha Stewart Living Halloween themed magazines and special editions produced since 1997, you will find them there.

Happy Haunting


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How To Replace A Broken Coffee Mug

Broken Coffee Mug
Mug Emergency! I often receive a question about how to locate a specific mug, especially after a much beloved mug has been broken. 

In June, I received a message from a desperate man. He was in the middle of a just such a mug emergency and he said:

"Help! I've just chipped my fiancée's favourite Whittards mug. She's had it for maybe eight or nine years. It has stars on it, it is blue on the inside... If you could find said mug - I can send a picture - I would be willing to pay... If not, any advice would be gratefully appreciated."

I sell a lot of mugs on eBay, have quite a few pages about coffee mugs on Squidoo and a Facebook page called I LOVE COFFEE MUGS so I guess that is why people turn to me for help. In this case, Thomas found my page about Whittard of Chelsea mugs on Squidoo and wrote to me hopeful that I might actually have a replacement coffee mug to sell to him.

Unfortunately for both Thomas and his fiancée, I do not have any Whittard mugs in my eBay store. Truth be told, I have three in my cupboard including a replacement for the broken one shown here in this image.  Whittard of Chelsea mugs really are so nice that any that I find to sell usually wind-up taking up home in my personal coffee mug collection.

So I told Thomas what I often tell others, and that is to set up a saved search on eBay. Once you have done so, eBay will search every day for the item you are looking for and send you a notification when one becomes available.  For this to be a reasonable option, you have to be able to narrow down your search so that eBay doesn't turn up hundreds of mugs every day.  

Here's what I told Thomas to do. You can do the same, changing the search words to words related to the mug that you are searching for.

  1. Start by searching for the mug that you are looking for -- in Thomas' case, I would use "whittard mug blue stars" -- without the quotation marks.  
  2. Then you will see a button called "Follow this search." Click on that button and check the little box to have eBay send you an email if one becomes available.  
It really is that simple. The hardest part is manipulating eBay's search to turn up a reasonable (small) number of results.  Try the most important search words first and, if that brings too many eBay results, add another one.  I do not recommend using the word coffee because some sellers sell mugs without actually saying coffee mug.

When I broke my mug, it took me about six months to replace it.  That is because there are not many Whittard mugs available in North America. They are sold in the United Kingdom and few find there way to North America. In the end I paid a bit of a premium for my replacement mug because it was located in England and I live in Canada and because shipping is expensive but it was worth it because I really do love my Whittard of Chelsea coffee mug.  If you have a mug that you love as much as I love mine, you might even consider buying a replacement before you break it, which is what I wish I had done! 

Good luck replacing your broken coffee mug! Of course, this method would work for any coffee mug you have seen and want to add to your collection and for almost any product that you are trying to find. 


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Christmas in July Sale!

There is nothing I love better in the summer than a turkey grilled on the BBQ. Cooking it on the barbecue makes it easy, makes clean up swift, does NOT heat up your kitchen and provides leftovers for many meals yet to come.

If you have not tried grilling a turkey, you should and if you would like to see how it is done, simply visit my Squidoo page, The Best-Ever Easy BBQ Turkey Recipe.

Meanwhile, on eBay, I thought I would celebrate with a Christmas in July sale. For a very limited time, you will find my Christmas items on sale. Of course, if you are visiting here and my sale is over, you will still find a wonderful assortment of Christmas items in my eBay store all year long!

Hope you are having a great summer!

Treasures By Brenda

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How To Clean Your Gremlin Gizmo Plush Toy Pillow

I'm not sure why the Gremlins Gizmo or "Giz" as he is sometimes called is eternally popular but he is. I guess it might be because he's furry and cute, he's not wicked and he's quite smart being very talented with electrical devices and weaponry. Of course, that makes sense because a "gizmo" is actually another word for a gadget...

Anyway, I digress. This page wasn't meant to be a biography of Gizmo but rather a helpful page about how to wash your giant stuffed plush Gizmo.  He's pretty big, measuring about 20 inches across, which adds another complication when you're trying to figure out how to clean him. 

Those who own this Gizmo, love him a lot, which means he is often in desperate need of being cleaned. Mine was actually in very good condition and clean but I washed him anyway since I like knowing that all of the plush toys in my home and in my eBay store are clean and fresh.  

Anyway, a friendly query arrived in my email last month from Amanda in the United Kingdom. She called her question cheeky but I did not really consider it so. Besides, I am always happy to answer any friendly cheeky question! 

Amanda said that she has a Gizmo pillow desperately in need of a cleaning so I shared my experience with her of how I cleaned my Gizmo. My answer is shown below but please don't take it as a guarantee. It is what I did with my Gizmo and what I have done with countless other plush toys but of course there is no telling what might happen when you wash yours... 

If Gizmo will fit in your washing machine, you should be able to wash him in there.  I washed my Gizmo in my slightly-oversized washer with hot water. Choose a gentle cycle, if you can, though I cannot remember if that is what I did and throw something in like a towel or two to counter the weight. If Gizmo doesn't fit in your machine, I would take him to a laundromat (a coin-operated laundry facility) where they usually have an oversized washer.  

I air dried him in my dryer which has actually has a setting called 'air' that is perfect for stuffed animals when you don't know how their fur will react to the heat of a dryer.  I actually may have dried him with heat because I often forget to use the air cycle, though I cannot really remember. I do know that some plush fur, particularly long, fluffy fur, like that around Gizmo's eye sometimes cannot tolerate the heat of a dryer so I recommend using an air cycle if you can.

If you're washing your Gizmo, I wish you luck! If you're interested in buying this one, you can visit my eBay store by clicking here to see if he is still available. Finally, you can check out all of my plush toys by clicking here.

Treasures By Brenda

Click here to read more about my Gremlin Gizmo plush pillow.

How To Clean Your Gremlin Gizmo Plush Toy Pillow

The Great Glebe Garage Sale

Another year, another wonderful day at the Great Glebe Garage Sale in Ottawa. This year my husband went with me. We were there bright and early and had found a cart full of treasures for my eBay store by 10 a.m.

A cart is a must since the Glebe sale is a huge neighborhood sale at which you must park your car and walk and, if you are really going to shop and not just to soak in the atmosphere or people watch, you definitely should take something to help you carry around your treasures.

This year I was thrilled to find a Big Hug Mug. It's a mug that I have written about on this blog before and one that was, just a few months ago, selling for up to $100 on eBay. However, due to the natural laws of supply and demand, this mug is now more readily available on eBay and therefore, much less expensive.  If you are curious about what all the fuss is about this particular coffee mug, you can read my original post about the Big Hug Mug here or if you are looking to buy one, you can check this one out on eBay by clicking here.

The items I found included a vintage talking Garfield that has never been removed from the box, a couple of new Lego sets and a new pair of leather Reebok hi top sneakers that, if they fit, are destined for the feet of my grown son rather than my eBay store.

We loaded our finds into the car and headed for the FarmTeam Cookhouse & Bar where we were early enough to choose a wonderful street-side table on the patio from which to enjoy breakfast and do a bit of people watching ourselves.  The fact that the cookhouse created a special menu for the day is testament to just how crazy busy the Great Glebe Garage Sale is. 

What a wonderful day out! I hope you did something fun this weekend, too!

You Never Know What I Might
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Treasures By Brenda

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Vintage Pink Rotary Phones

How cool are vintage phones?

It was author and artist Sandra Boynton's picture of her pink pig rotary phone as shown here that made me wonder if you can still buy a pink rotary phone. It turns out, of course, that you can.

I think rotary phones are pretty cool though you will not find one with a pink pig mounted on it like Ms. Boynton's phone, which was created for her by Frank Grusauskaws.

(You can find more information about Ms. Boynton's piggyphone here on her page on Facebook.)

In my opinion, pink phones are perfect for anyone who has a pig obsession.

They're also perfect for someone with a very pink room.

Or for someone wanting a singular stand-out pink accessory.

Or for someone with a love of vintage phones or things vintage in general.

Maybe a Mary Kay consultant, LOL?

It turns out that rotary phones in general are a sought-after collectible and a quick and unscientific look at the pink ones seems to show that sell well on eBay.

As I write this, the highest priced sale of a pink rotary phone on eBay is a pink desktop version made by Western Electric that sold for $517 plus shipping. The most unusual one, surpassing even the very interesting and rare Pink Panther telephone, might just be the Stromberg pay phone that sold for $149 plus shipping, which you can buy new or used.

Here's a selection of pink rotary phones that are available via eBay today:

What do you think? Would you like to add a pink phone to your decor? Perhaps not a pink one but a vintage rotary phone?  Do you know if they even work with today's phone systems?

You never know
what I might have in store for you!
Treasures By Brenda

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E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Video Game: Pop Culture Myth Proven True

Made for the Atari 2600, the E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial video game, unlike the movie, was a horrendous flop for Atari.

The video game was created in a short time period instead of the normal four months it took to develop a video game. It was rushed out to be ready for the Christmas market and it was a total disaster.

As a matter of fact, the game is considered to be the worst video game ever made and eventually, Atari decided to cut its losses and dumped the huge remaining stock of plastic video game cartridges in the desert in New Mexico.

That action lived on and became a pop culture myth that was only proven true this week when a Canadian studio from Ottawa named Fuel Industries quite literally (and deliberately) unearthed the stash of video games. If you are interested, you will want to stay tuned for a documentary movie on the subject.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering if the cult status of the movie or even the news of its existence in a dump in the middle of the dessert has caused it to be a good seller on eBay.

I looked and I see that there are quite a few listed...the lowest priced one a used copy listed for $3.99 plus shipping. If it is a new copy you are after, you will find a new one with an opening bid of $50 and I can see that this item, when new, has sold for up to $150.

Here's what my eBay widget reveals today:

The news reports say that people want to buy a video game from the dump.  They want to own a piece of the legend of Atari burying E.T. in the desert. I guess we will have to wait and see if those video games make an appearance on eBay.

And now for confession time. When I was a high school-er, I saved my dollars and cents and my first big purchase was for a used Atari console. It was most likely the one associated with this game though I do not actually remember.  I do not recall owning the E.T. the Extra Terrestrial video game but I did own Space Invaders and Pac Man.

Do you have any 'vintage' video game memories?

Treasures By Brenda
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Chocolate Easter Bunny Jigsaw Puzzle

I cannot tell you how many times I have looked for an Easter-themed jigsaw puzzle and found the selection, well, a wee bit wanting. I was pleasantly surprised then when I discovered this one by SunsOut called, "True Love."  It has 550 pieces and features a sweet image of a real rabbit and a chocolate rabbit, perfect for Easter.

Interestingly, I found this Easter bunny puzzle while on Pinterest. Pinterest is a great way to find things that are visual, like this puzzle.  If you are on Pinterest, and you like jigsaw puzzles, you might like to follow my jigsaw puzzle board, which ou will find it here.

If you're after an Easter themed puzzle, you will find this one here on Amazon.  I think a jigsaw puzzle would make a wonderful gift from the Easter bunny, don't you?

Happy Puzzling!

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Yankee Candle Easter Candles

I love it or at least the idea of it for I have not actually had the chance to smell one. The Yankee Candle company has released a scented PEEPS Marshmallow Chicks Collector’s Edition Candle. How much fun is that? I wonder what it smells like...I need to sniff out some PEEPS to see what they smell like.

A little online sleuthing reveals that this is not the first Easter-scented Yankee Candle. Previous scents have included: Bunny Cake, Happy Easter, Easter Egg Hunt, Chocolate Bunnies and White Chocolate Bunnies.  They are all still available either at retail or through resellers on Amazon and eBay. 

A quick peek on ebay reveals 233 Yankee Candle Easter themed listings, some of which are actually candles and some of which are candle holders and accessories. I really thought the Easter Bunny Topper, seen here, was particularly cute and I will admit that prior to writing this post I did not know there was such a thing as a candle accessory.

I did know that Yankee Candles are highly collectible with buyers seeking out favorite scents long after they have been discontinued.  As is often the case, eBay is the best place to turn when you are looking for out-of-production items like these scented candles.

Right now, eBay shows over 20,000 Yankee Candle listings. The highest sale price that I see currently for a single candle is $173 plus shipping for a scent known as Waterfall Canyon. That's a lot of money for a single candle but it just shows you how very popular these candles are and of course, that's an extreme example, for many other new and discontinued scents are available at much more reasonable prices.

For fun, here's a selection of Yankee Candle Easter themed listings on eBay:

You never know what I might 
have in store for you!

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Kleenex on eBay?

Kleenex? Yes, I am writing about Kleenex today. I read a decorating post this morning about decorating with Kleenex that was written by blogger Eclectically Vintage about the style of the new Kleenex boxes and I wondered what I'd find if I searched for Kleenex on eBay.

Well, of course, I found lots of Kleenex because you can buy ANYTHING on eBay and you can definitely buy a humble box of Kleenex or even a crate load of them if that is your hearts desire.

You can also buy tissue box covers like the ones that are part of a typical bathroom accessories set. More interestingly, however, is the fact that you can buy Kleenex box covers in all sorts of materials, colours and themes including but in no way limited to ceramic, plastic and metal. Whatever you are into, there is likely a tissue box cover for you.

Some of the themes are very interesting, even if you might not want to own it, like the fairly rare Famicom Nintendo Kleenex box cover, suitable for the family room or the mancave.

The most expensive Kleenex box cover I saw was a wooden one, the Acanthus antique baroque-style Kleenex box cover, which is available in silver and gold. It's is quite elaborate and would suit a fancy bathroom.

Of course, on eBay I also saw a lot of interesting Kleenex items relating to the history of the company Kleenex, a few of which made me smile, like the Disney movie posters for a movie called How To Catch Cold a Disney movie I have never heard of, the Kleenex vending machines that I had no idea existed and a 1962 Chevy Kleenex dispenser, which in my humble opinion  could possibly be one of the most practical car accessories ever invented after, of course, the coffee mug holder.

Of course, knowing that there is a t-shirt for every theme, there are even Kleenex-themed t-shirts, should you be interested.

A visit to Amazon found tons of Kleenex box covers to choose from, like this humorous Egyptian-themed Kleenex box cover featuring King Tut, as well as your ordinary humble boxes of Kleenex.

Personally, I use whatever box Kleenex provides me with and it is often not Kleenex brand.  I enjoy some of the themes the tissue companies create like the Christmastime boxes and, when my boys were little, the children's themed boxes but I will admit that most of the time, I do not think about the box that my Kleenex comes in...

How about you? Do you use a Kleenex box straight from the store or do you dress yours up a bit? And do tell, is your Kleenex or another brand?

You never know
what I might have in store for you!
Treasures By Brenda

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The Big Hug Mug From True Detective

If you are watching the gritty HBO crime series True Detective with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as Louisiana State Police detectives, you might have noticed the Big Hug Mug seen during an interrogation with McConaughey’s character Rust Cohle as shown here.

It happens from time to time that an item which appears in a television program or a movie becomes a part of pop culture and that is the case with this simple coffee mug, which started life in the 1980s as a small floral arrangement known as the FTD Big Hug Mug Bouquet.

Since appearing on True Detective, the Big Hug Mug has become a sought after item and fans are turning to eBay to buy themselves one. If you are looking to add a Big Hug Mug to your collection or want to gift one to a True Detective fan, you can find one on eBay by clicking right here.

You Never Know What I Might
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Treasures By Brenda

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A Wise Owl Piggy Bank by Baldelli

 I LOVED this little owl, I did and he turned out to be a learning experience for me.

I recently sold him on ebay after picking him up for resale on a whim and discovering that he is a piggy bank that was made by Baldelli ceramics, an Italian firm created by Ceramiche Baldelli that has been in business since 1943 in Citta di Castello, Italy.

My lovely green Baldelli owl has gone to a new home in the United States. I don’t know if the buyer collects owls, Baldelli or mid-century modern pieces, piggy banks or simply was drawn to this little fellow. Whatever the buyer's reason, this owl is a wise and handsome addition to his decor.

I checked and that there are other Baldelli pieces available on eBay. You can see more Baldelli piggy banks, in the form of owls, cats and other creatures for yourself by clicking right here or by looking at this scrolling widget from eBay:

Treasures By Brenda
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How To Self-Publish eBooks for Kindle

If you are a writer who has published or would like to publish an eBook, How I Make $4,000 A Month Selling eBooks on Amazon Kindle might be an interesting read for you and today, February 21, 2014, it is an Amazon Kindle FREE download.

This book, by Nathaniel Burns, is a step-by-step guide for authors who want to self-publish their works. It is not a get-rich scheme but rather a how-to guide that promises lots of work before success.

As always, I turned to the Amazon customer reviews as one indicator of the quality of a book or any item for that matter. This one does well in that regard.

I haven't read it yet and must in all honesty say that I am not really interested in publishing an eBook. I do write online but I do not consider myself an author and keep plenty busy between my online writing and eBay selling roles. However, I downloaded it anyway as I am curious about the process and I thought you might be interested.  It's now in my ever-growing reading queue.  Will you add it to your reading list?

Treasures By Brenda
You Never Know What
I Might Have In Store For You!

Download your copy of How to Make $4,000 A Month Selling eBooks on Amazon Kindle from Amazon.
Bookmark this page and uncover today's FREE Kindle download from Amazon every day.

Walt Disney World Sorcerer's Hat Adventure Playset

Last week's treasures included this unusual Walt Disney World Sorcerer's Hat Adventure Playset. It is a fun children's playset that allows your child to recreate a Hollywood Studio with Mickey Mouse as the director.

The hat itself is a handsome piece and measures about 10.75 inches in height and the accessories are tiny so this set is definitely not appropriate for children under the age of three.

The set I found is incomplete but all of the battery operated pieces are operating although I will not be providing batteries.

New sets are occasionally available on eBay and retail for as much as $157, including shipping. 

Used sets also turn up occasionally though they are usually without any of the minifigures or accessories.  They still sell but at a much reduced rate.

This set is the only used set I could find that includes many though not all of the accessories. You can see some of the pieces I have included with my set in these pictures or you can click through to my listing on eBay to see a written list of what pieces are included in my listing.

I have priced mine at auction at about what the used ones without accessories usually sell for and offered a higher buy-it-now price in case you do not want to let this item get away. Whether you choose to bid and take your chances or you decide to go ahead and buy it now, if this is on your shopping list, you won't want to let it get away.

This is exactly the kind of set that our eldest son wanted to purchase as his souvenir of our trip to Walt Disney World.

Treasures By Brenda
You Never Know What
I Might Have In Store For You!

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Click here to find my Walt Disney World sorcerer's Hat Adventure Playset on eBay.

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