John Lewis' Penguin Ad Causes Toy Penguin Sales to Skyrocket

It takes a lot to surprise me and I have to say that I am not really surprised that the sales of and searches for penguins on eBay have skyrocketed on eBay since the release of the John Lewis Christmas advertisement for 2014.

The ad shares the story of a boy and his love for his toy penguin, Monty. (You can watch the ad for yourself by clicking here.)

Apparently, the toy penguins representing Monty and Mabel sold out at John Lewis’ stores within 24 hours.

People quickly turned to eBay to see if they could find a plush Monty and Mable and to see what other penguin toys are available that are similar to that new celebrity couple.

According to The Independent, 2,638 penguin toys were sold on eBay in the time frame of November 6 to November 17 or approximately 240 stuffed penguins per day.

Of course, John Lewis' stuffed penguins started showing up on eBay Immediately after they sold out at John Lewis. There are a few available right now and you can see them on eBay by clicking right here.  Since John Lewis is a British company, you will have to shop on and you will want to shop carefully if you want to have a real John Lewis plush penguin.

If you just want an attractive plush penguin, eBay presents a huge variety of new, used and vintage penguins.  My search just now for "plush penguins" turned up more than 8,000 penguin toys to choose from. You might narrow that search down a little bit by using the name of a brand of plush toys that you like. Perhaps Steiff, Gund or even Hugsy though Hugsy is far from a realistic stuffed penguin.

Who is Hugsy? Hugsy is yet another celebrity penguin. He is famous from the television series Friends. However, Hugsy's story is material for yet a blog post in the future.

I see a host of other Monty and Mabel themed listings on eBay including this fun Monty and Mabel shopping tote bag from eBay seller BeMineClothing. I think it could be part of a great gift set. Simply use the tote bag as a handsome reusable gift bag and include a couple of other interesting Penguin-themed items, perhaps a plush toy and a copy of the documentary film, The March of the Penguins.

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Click here buy the plush penguin couple show here from Amazon.
Click here to find the Monty & Mabel shopping bag on eBay.

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