Walt Disney World Sorcerer's Hat Adventure Playset

Last week's treasures included this unusual Walt Disney World Sorcerer's Hat Adventure Playset. It is a fun children's playset that allows your child to recreate a Hollywood Studio with Mickey Mouse as the director.

The hat itself is a handsome piece and measures about 10.75 inches in height and the accessories are tiny so this set is definitely not appropriate for children under the age of three.

The set I found is incomplete but all of the battery operated pieces are operating although I will not be providing batteries.

New sets are occasionally available on eBay and retail for as much as $157, including shipping. 

Used sets also turn up occasionally though they are usually without any of the minifigures or accessories.  They still sell but at a much reduced rate.

This set is the only used set I could find that includes many though not all of the accessories. You can see some of the pieces I have included with my set in these pictures or you can click through to my listing on eBay to see a written list of what pieces are included in my listing.

I have priced mine at auction at about what the used ones without accessories usually sell for and offered a higher buy-it-now price in case you do not want to let this item get away. Whether you choose to bid and take your chances or you decide to go ahead and buy it now, if this is on your shopping list, you won't want to let it get away.

This is exactly the kind of set that our eldest son wanted to purchase as his souvenir of our trip to Walt Disney World.

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Click here to find my Walt Disney World sorcerer's Hat Adventure Playset on eBay.

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