Movie Prop from Jumanji

We were fascinated to read yesterday about one of the original Jumanji game movie props selling at auction for a whopping $60,800 on eBay.  We know that movie props can command a lot of money but this sale seems pretty high for a "fake" game board that was used in a movie!

Jumanji started as a book by Chris Van Allsburg in 1995 and went on to  become a now-iconic movie starring Robin Williams.   My children enjoyed both but probably remember best the movie because it really brought to life the story...and because they eventually owned a copy of the Jumanji board game.  

Almost twenty years later, the board game is still a sought-after game that sells regularly on eBay from $30 to over $100, depending on condition and completeness. Right now, a brand-new copy of the game goes for $175 on

Are you a Jumanji fan? Would you like to see a remake of the movie Jumanji?

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