31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: The Golden Girls (2020)

I remember my mother watching the award winning television series The Golden Girls in the 1980s and I know I watched it sometime after that, too. 

The show ran for a total of seven seasons and offered up a whopping 180 episodes. An amazing 27.2 million people tuned in to the series finale in 1992. 

It starred four legendary actresses: Beatrice Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty, all of whom are gone now except for Betty White, who is 98 years old as I write this in 2020. 

The premise of the show was four senior citizen roommates who managed one way or another to live in the same house and stay friends. 

The series has had incredible staying power. All these years later, it is still widely beloved. It is popular with older folk who may or may not have watched it originally as well as with younger folk who were not even born when it first aired. The Queen Mum loved it and Sir Laurence Olivier did, too. 

The BBC calls it the most treasured show ever saying it is the "ultimate pop culture goodie: more naughty-but-nice" and describing the characters as 'fiercely funny, unashamedly soppy, brazenly glamorous (1980s style) and bravely outspoken.' 

If you or someone in your life loves The Golden Girls, they will love this fun coffee mug that features a drawn illustration of The Golden Girls on one side and the text 'Stay Golden' on the other.  I am featuring it here as the second mug in my 2020 series, 31 Days of Coffee Mugs. Find your Golden Girls coffee mug on Amazon by clicking right here. Be warned, it is a big one at 20 ounces, perfect for holding a large cup of coffee or tea!

Stay tuned! You never know what 
I might have in store for you!

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  1. Fun Christmas idea for girlfriends of a certain age -- and would be fun to fill it with little surprises too!

    1. Absolutely right, Joan and I never thought of filling it though I can certainly think of lots of things to fill it with!


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