The Mountain Wild Cats of Africa T-Shirts

Love Africa's wild cats? You'll love these t-shirts from The Mountain.

Disneynature's African Cats movie brought us all closer to the lions and the cheetahs of the African Savanna. On this page, find a couple of these amazing beasts on a t-shirt by The Mountain. Although you should know that The Mountain has a lot of lion shirts and fewer cheetah shirts. But the ones they do have, you will love.

The Mountain shirts are both beautiful and well made. They are t-shirts like you have never seen before, hand dyed and made in an environmentally friendly manner plus they sport some of the best wildlife artwork available.


This lion tee features a lion, up  close and personal. In your face, as they say. This style of t-shirt is very popular and buyers have a lot of good things to say about their quality. Check out the selection of The Mountain lion shirts here.


The tiger. The largest of the cats. According to Wikipedia, he can reach up to 11 feet in length and weigh in at 670 pounds. He's the third largest animal that lives on land and of course instantly recognizable because of his stripes and red or orange fur. In the case of this t-shirt, you'll be sharing his face with the world. 


The White Tiger is a relative of the Bengal tiger that lives in parts of India. He has a gene that causes him to be white and often a bit bigger. According to Wikipedia, white tiger numbers are actually on the increase. Their unusual coloring has made them particularly of interest to the public who looks to see them in zoos and other forms of entertainment that includes exotic animals. Check out The Mountain's selection of Tiger t-shirts on Amazon here.


Cheetah fans will already know that the cheetah lives in Africa and the Middle East. They'll know that this animal is faster than any other animal on land, that it can run up to 75 miles per hour and that it can go from zero to 62 miles per hour in just five seconds. Pretty impressive...and so is this t-shirt! See The Mountain's cheetah t-shirts here.


The Mountain Black Panther T-Shirt

If I understand correctly, the black panther is actually a color variation of another species. In America, the black panther may be a black jaguar. In Asia and Africa, the black panther can be a black leopard. In Asia, a very rare black tiger. Nevertheless, this is a handsome Mountain t-shirt featuring the face of a panther. Find The Mountain's black panther t-shirts here.

Which wild cat is your favorite? 

Treasures By Brenda

The Story of the Thrift Store Detective

The story of the Thrift Store Detective who returns vintage ephemera to their rightful owners.

I read an interesting story in yesterday morning's Ottawa Citizen about a woman named Chelsey Brown who is a 'Thrift Store Detective.' As an eBay seller, I often wonder who the people were that appear in the photographs that I find. How old were they when the photograph was taken? What was the occasion of the picture? Where did they live? What path did life take them down? 

Highlights of the items that Brown has found in her adventures include letters, photos, cards and even Second World War ration books. Instead of selling these items, however, she has instead undertaken the difficult job of attempting to return them to their original families. Once she was returned love letters written in the 1960s to the original recipient. Imagine that. I wonder how that woman felt when she received those letters back and what the rest of her love story would tell.

Anyway, Brown starts her process with items that have a clue of some sort like a name, a date, an address or some other helpful hint.  The Citizen says that her success rate is 80 percent. Pretty amazing and definitely very interesting for those items that return home.

I doubt that I would have the skills necessary to tackle such a job so I will stick with reselling the items that I have found that generally have no obvious link to the past. The vintage black and white photographs shown above are all without any identifiers. No names, no dates. 

I think there is a moral here and that is to cherish a few items from your past and to make sure that they are identified as such for the next generations. I do remember one elderly friend who did this and who put little notes on or with things so that in the future family members would know where they had come from and the importance or family connection of each item.

Do you have pieces of treasured ephemera that tell a story from your past? I would love to hear from you.

Treasures By Brenda


Discover these and other vintage B&W photographs in my eBay store.

Read the complete Thrift Store Detective story.

Woman returns Holocaust letter to family 75 years later. 

Follow Chelsey Brown on Instagram.

A Simple, Affordable Easter Dress for Your Little Girl

A Simple, Affordable Easter Dress for Your Little Girl!


Are you looking for affordable Easter dresses for your daughters this year? Or simply a pretty one for spring or summer? Maybe a sundress?

There are so many wonderful choices that are absolutely sweet. Most come in a wide variety of sizes and colors and many are pretty for Easter, but also practical and will take your daughter through spring and summer. A simple dress will work for your daughter when she participates in that Easter egg hunt, when she goes to an Easter parade and when she attends church. They will also be perfect for birthday parties, picnics and tea parties. Your daughter can wear them simply or she can add a hat, special shoes and a purse.

Do yourself and your budget a favor and do not buy a dress to be worn once and then put away in the closet forever. Instead, buy one that is very versatile and let your daughter WEAR it as often as she likes. Remember, this dress is not likely to fit next year so get as much use out of it right now while you can.

Finding spring dresses online is not difficult; narrowing them down and picking just one or two is. I hope this page and the few pointers I give as well as the dress I feature below offer a bit of help to you in your search for what you believe to be the perfect Easter dress.


Here are a few things to think about when you are searching for a dress:

Where and when your daughter will wear the dress? Will it be to a luncheon or a formal event? To church? Dinner at Grandma's house or to school?

Which colors are popular? Navy blue is a classic Easter color but recently springtime pastel colors have become very popular.

What climate will it be worn in? Fabrics for Easter dresses traditionally have included velvet or satin. If the weather is generally warmer, consider cotton or linen, which are also more practical for cleaning.

What size will the little girl be wearing when the time comes to wear it?

How long will it take the item to reach you? When shopping online, remember to check the shipping time required and allow plenty of time for items to reach you in the mail. Ordering last minute creates unneeded stress.

What care does the dress require? The easier, the better in my mind especially if you want to let your daughter wear it a lot.


I love the assortment of Bonnie Jean dresses including this one with a yellow background, white daisies and kaleidoscope of butterflies!

I think that this Bonnie Jean dress is lovely with its yellow background, white floral daisy pattern and kaleidoscope of butterflies. Yes, that is what a number of butterflies are called, a kaleidoscope, and yes, I had to look it up.  As I write this, this dress is available in girls' sizes 2 to 6X. Find this Bonnie Jean Easter dress here on Amazon.

I hope this page has given you a couple of things to think about in your quest for an Easter dress this year.

Happy Easter!


Working a puzzle is another great way to celebrate a holiday!

Discover Sarah Spademan's artistic talent with these Easter-themed mugs.

Freshen up your home this Easter with an Easter-scented candle!

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Vintage Patterson Candy Moonlight Mellos Advertising Tin

What a handsome, vintage Patterson Candy Company Moonlight Mellos advertising tin. Probably a hundred years old but I could still smell the marshmallows!

Canada’s Patterson Candy Company was opened on Yonge Street in Toronto in 1888 by John Patterson and Robert Wilson but was originally called the Boston Candy Company. In 1891, Wilson left the company and it became The Patterson Candy Company eventually expanding to Queen Street West. The company was famous for Full O’Cream and Wildfire bars and once had Canada’s largest soda fountain. I would love to have visited.

I learned about the Patterson Candy Company only after I found this large Moonlight Mellos tin, which reads “Fluffy Marshmallows That Melt in the Mouth” and “Good for Baking Topping Cakes, Eating and Toasting.” As I am writing this text, with the tin sitting on my desk beside me, I can almost smell the marshmallow scent. Do you think there could really be a remnant of the smell in the tin after what could be a hundred years or is it simply a figment of my imagination?

Anyway, the tin is fairly big, measuring 10 1/2 inches in diameter across the lid and 5 1/4 inches tall and would have held a lot of marshmallows! It is blue and features an art deco-style with a fairy swinging on a rope before a large yellow moon and red and yellow party decorations. This tin and pretty well all of the others that I see online that are probably a hundred years old, shows lots of wear and discoloration, even on the inside. I definitely would not store food in it anymore but I would consider it a great addition to a collection of antique tins. The one shown here was mine and is sold but you can click here to search for another Moonlight Mellos tin on eBay. With any luck there might be another one available today.

You never know
what treasures I might have
in store for you!

Treasures By Brenda

More Vintage Items:

Canadian Artist Elizabeth Hoey Art Pottery Tile

Meet the very talented Canadian artist Elizabeth Hoey.

ELIZABETH WILKES HOEY (1915 – 2012) was a Canadian artist who graduated from the Ontario College of Art. 

She ran a textile printing facility and eventually was involved in the printing of fabric for various institutions like Thor Hanson, Westinghouse Canada, Bank of Nova Scotia, University College Women’s Residence in Toronto, Hart House and the Windsor Arms Hotel. 

She was a muralist who created a mural of old Toronto for the King Edward Hotel. 

With her daughter, she became a potter, producing art pottery pieces that included both plates and tiles like the fabulous owl-themed tile shown on this page. 

She painted with watercolor and her image, Wild Flowers of Canada, was distributed via the Toronto newspaper, the Globe and Mail. 

She illustrated books including Folk Songs of Canada and Chansons de Qu├ębec. 

Her works were shown at the Art Gallery of Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum, Royal Botanical Gardens, Edwards Gardens, and MacDonald Art Gallery and the Textile Museum named her "a pioneer silkscreen printer and designer."

She was a talented artist who was creating art in her sketchbook until almost the very end of her life. 

As I write this, I can see a few samples of Elizabeth Hoey's art tiles including this owl on eBay.

You never know what 
I might have in store for you! 

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