Vintage Hawaiian T-Shirt

Vintage Hawaiian T-Shirt

It is no secret around my home that I love Hawaii. I always have and I always will. I have been privileged to visit twice and I would love to go back.

My love of Hawaii translates directly into a love of Hawaiian things like this amazing vintage t-shirt. It is from the 1970s. In size small, it might actually fit me, LOL. Since it is a vintage shirt, it is helpful that the Etsy seller shares the fact that the chest is 38 inches.

I think it is perfect despite the obvious flaw on the image. (The scrape on the black hair.) This tee definitely has a Hawaiian islands feel to it and it also shares a retro, boho and maybe even hippie vibe. None of those things really describes my style but I love this shirt anyway.

You will find ShannonMyIndi's vintage t-shirts on Etsy by clicking right here. Of course, if it is not a vintage t-shirt you are after, you might enjoy looking at huge selection of other vintage pieces.



Our Top 10 Hawaiian Souvenirs.

Hocus Pocus Halloween T-Shirt

Hocus Pocus Halloween T-Shirt

Here's another Halloween item sure to make you smile though this time it is a fun t-shirt instead of my usual coffee mug, LOL. It reads, "It's Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus" which references in part the truth or reality of that before you and in part the very successful 1993 movie Hocus Pocus, which has a cult-like following and which starred Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker.

If you are looking for a fun Halloween shirt, you might consider this one, which you can find on Etsy by clicking right here. I love wearing a Halloween-themed tee in the month of October. How about you?

Halloween is coming! 

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Hocus Pocus Halloween T-Shirt

Hocus Pocus Halloween Tee

Boo Y'all Halloween Coffee Mug

Boo! Y'all Halloween diner-style coffee mug.
Every now and then a coffee mug makes me smile and I like to share it here with you on my this blog. In this case, I was perusing the internet looking for an interesting Halloween specimen. I found this one and it made me smile.

It is a hand painted diner-style coffee mug. Diner-style, in case you do not know, means that it is thick walled and heavier than your average coffee mug. It is microwave and dishwasher save.

It reads, “Boo! Y’all” and is done in the seasonal Halloween colors of orange and black.

The creator lives in the southern parts of the United States though she says she is not from there. That, she explains, is where the ‘Y’all’ comes from. It is an expression that people in and from that part of the world are reported to use. It is, I guess, sort of like the word "Eh" that Canadians like myself are reputed to say. Since the creator, Diane of Knotwork Shop, was willing to admit that she uses y’all, I must admit that I sometimes use eh.

Diane also says that she thought that “booyah” sort of sounds like “boo! Y’all” and that that was the inspiration for the expression on this mug. Booyah, by the way is used when you are excited about something. I believe it even has a corresponding hand movement.

Note that the mug is hand painted and made to order, and therefore it is likely to vary slightly from the picture. Diane says that she is happy to customize it, which you can buy from Etsy by clicking right here.

Boo! Y'all

Happy haunting to y'all!

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CorningWare French White Casserole Dish

This is the only pan you need to bake all of of my pudding cakes and of course a host of other great casseroles. (Find my Best-Ever Chocolate Pudding Cake recipe here.) I love mine and use it for pudding cakes but also for bread pudding, casseroles and for advance preparation of side dishes for holiday dinners.

CorningWare is a fairly tough material that can be used in your oven, microwave, refrigerator and freezer. It resists chipping and cracking but is not break proof. I was given a set as a wedding gift and I am still using and loving it more than 20 years later. One of the lids has a chip but the dishes themselves are in the same condition as they were when I was given them in 1989. I also love the fact that they do not seem to be dated and that they look nice on a table that is casual or on a table that is even a bit fancier than that.

CorningWare comes with a 10-year warranty but all of my pieces have far outlived that warranty.

If you don't own a set, I would recommend buying one and if you are looking for a TOP-RATED GIFT idea for someone newly married, getting married or setting up house for the first time, I would consider buying the set. I am not sure what else you can buy that is so versatile AND so economically priced.

See you
in the kitchen!

Check out Amazon's collection of CorningWare French White casserole dishes.

Wicked Flying Monkeys Coffee Mug

Do you love Halloween? Are you looking for a new Halloween-themed coffee mug? Maybe the best one? Personally, I love many, many of the Halloween mugs out there but this one is definitely one of my favorites. It is just so darned attractive.

This is a Wicked mug, pun intended. I love the dramatic coloring of black on the outside and purple on the inside with a punch of green thrown in for good measure.

As a Wizard of Oz fan, I love the reference to that series and to the he hit Broadway musical called Wicked.

The mug is by Enesco, holds 16 ounces of your favorite hot and steamy beverage and it is both microwave and dishwasher safe.
Use it to warn your family and friends that if they do not behave, you may just have to call the flying monkeys.

I am surprised that it is still available on Amazon because it has been available for long time. However, as I write this, you can still buy this Wicked coffee mug by following this link.

Bubble, bubble,
toil and trouble.
Happy Haunting!

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Buy this Wicked mug on Amazon.

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