Terry Fox 40th Anniversary Orion Running Shoes by Adidas

Yes, I would have loved to have had the opportunity to buy myself a pair of Adidas Terry Fox 40th Anniversary Orion running shoes. I would have had to take a wild guess as to size but I just might have been willing to take that chance. These limited edition shoes are replicas of the ones that Terry Fox wore in his Marathon of Hope.

They’re designed to commemorate his 1980 run for cancer research that covered 5,373 kilometres or 3,339 miles in Canada starting in St. John's, Newfoundland and ending 143 days later outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario, when Terry could no longer run.  Cancer had spread to his lungs. The distance he covered is like running a marathon every day and he did it with one leg. My generation, teens at the time, watched his progress daily and I and so many others will never forget his journey.

Adidas was initially connected to the story in 1980 when it is said that Fox wrote them a letter asking for shoes and they sent him 24 pairs of the now classic Orion running shoe.


The 2020 commemorative release sneaker features Terry Fox written on the side, a liner marked 40th Anniversary and shoelaces printed with one of Fox's favorite quotes. (I am not sure what that quote was. If you know, do tell.) The color combination is collegiate navy, cloud white and blue bird. Definitely a denim lover’s dream. The shoes arrive wrapped in tissue paper printed with Fox’s original letter to Adidas.  Adidas said that the unisex sizing was for men that women need to size down one size. They limited sales online to two pairs of shoes per buyer and rumor has it that they sold out in minutes.


The net proceeds from the sale of these shoes went to The Terry Fox Foundation to support cancer research. I am unsure why Adidas produced 6,500 pairs of these shoes when many more of us would have liked to buy a pair. Why stop at 6,500 pairs? Why not 10,000? Why not even more? Proceeds from more sales would have meant more money for the charity.


Anyway, if you are seeking a pair and you have deep pockets, you can buy them on eBay right now by clicking right here. Be forewarned that because they were a highly sought after, limited edition release, the price has been driven up on the secondary market.

The Terry Fox Foundation would like us to be heartened. They reached out on Twitter and said that “these shoes sold out quickly but that more will come.” I am not sure that they meant more shoes or rather that they were referring to the fact that the shoes were the initial piece in a nine-piece collection. Fingers crossed that the pieces yet to be released are not limited edition.

This retro blue suede shoe appealed to me, a 50-something woman. I would have worn them. How about you? Did you manage to buy a pair? Do you want a pair? If you purchased a pair, will you wear them yourself, gift them or maybe even sell them?

You never know
What I might have in store for you!

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Buy Terry Fox’s Orion running shoe on eBay. Yes, you will find the 40th Anniversary t-shirt and eventually the whole collection at this link.

Heinz Ketchup Red Jigsaw Puzzle

Past tense. Unfortunately, I have to say that Heinz GAVE away 57 Ketchup Red jigsaw puzzles. Yes, the 570-piece puzzle was called Ketchup Red and yes, it was indeed done in only one very recognizable color. The contest closed on May 8, 2020, but it turns out that you can buy the puzzle directly from Heinz. Read through to the end for details on where to find the puzzle.

Jigsaw puzzles have seen a huge resurgence in popularity because of the pandemic and because we are all trying to stay home and stay safe. People are looking for different activities and have once again embraced jigsaw puzzles and board games. Puzzles offer another form of entertainment beyond what is available electronically and there have even been reports of jigsaw puzzle shortages. Certainly there has been an uptick in the volume of puzzles selling on eBay.

A comment from Heinz Kraft Canada quoted on My Modern Met explains this particular puzzle. “Heinz is known for its iconic slow-pouring ketchup. In a period when everyone had a little more time on their hands and puzzle popularity has skyrocketed, we wanted to help pass the time by connecting the two. This puzzle is worth the patience—only this time, you can’t hold it at the perfect angle to solve it.”

Heinz claims that this puzzle, Ketchup Red, just might be ‘the slowest puzzle on earth.’ That tagline stems from previous Heinz advertising slogans and references to their ketchup being slow. Some might remember the 1970s when Heinz’s advertising claimed it was the “Slowest Ketchup in the West" and when Carly Simon and ketchup kept us waiting with the song, "Anticipation.” Finally, in the 1980s, Heinz reminded us that “The best things come to those who wait.


I missed the opportunity to enter though the all-red color scheme might just have been too challenging for me.  It is great that Heinz has made it possible for jigsaw puzzlers who love Heinz Ketchup as much as they do a tough puzzle to buy it, especially in this time of quarantine when they are looking for an extra challenge.

Heinz says that all profits from the sale of the puzzle will go to Food Banks Canada and you can follow this link to Heinz Ketchup Puzzle to buy your puzzle. If you are interested in buying this puzzle, I advise you to act quickly because we do not know how long it will be available. If when you read this the puzzle is sold out from Heinz, you might check on eBay to see if it is available by clicking right here.

Would you be interested in working Ketchup Red?

Happy Puzzling!


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Springbok Bon Voyage Travel Jigsaw Puzzle


Celebrating my love of travel, I decided to share Springbok's Bon Voyage jigsaw puzzle today. Beware that it is one of two that have the same name.

I love the artwork on this one, which was done by Susan W. Berman. It features hotels from around the world and I may never stay at any of them but I still love them and the idea of traveling again when the pandemic has passed and the world is once again a safe place to travel in.


This puzzle is from 2006, has 2000 pieces and is called Bon Voyage! When finished it will be rectangular and measure 34 inches by 42.5 inches. It is Springbok's puzzle number 1JIG20479.


A few of the hotels included in the artwork are the Hotel Atlanta in Brussels, the Hotel Spendid Suisse in Italy and the Neptun Hotel for which a country is not named. Have you stayed at any of these hotels? If you have, that would make working this puzzle double the fun and, of course, if you are like me and just love travel and/or the idea of travel, this puzzle is a fun anyway.


Although not technically a vintage puzzle, you will have to search eBay to find it because it is no longer available from Springbok. You can do so by clicking right here.

As always, I recommend buying a new puzzle, if possible. If you have to buy a used puzzle, remember that I suggest that you make sure that it is complete and no, counting the pieces is not a good measurement of completeness. If it is not a new puzzle, working it is really the only way to know that all of the pieces are there. Of course, it is perfectly okay to work a puzzle that is incomplete as long as you know that is a possibility and you are okay with that fact.

You never know what
puzzles I have in store for you!

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Vintage Springbok Dancing is a Ball Jigsaw Puzzle

Vintage Springbok Dancing is a Ball Jigsaw Puzzle


I went looking for a jigsaw puzzle to celebrate International Dance Day, which is celebrated every year on April 29. According to Wikipedia, the day was intended as a worldwide celebration of dance and was originally created by the Dance division of the International Theatre Institute, the branch of the performing arts of UNESCO. I love how this puzzle features so many different types of dance.


This puzzle is a vintage 1986, 1000-piece Springbok jigsaw puzzle called Dancing is a Ball. When finished the puzzle will be rectangular and measure 24 inches by 30 inches. It is is Springbok's puzzle number PZL6121.


The list is long and features 31 dances including but not limited to the waltz, fox trot, cha cha, polka, jive, jerk, twist, mashed potato, disco and slam dancing. Which one is your favorite?

Springbok Dancing is a Ball Jigsaw Puzzle


Because it is a vintage puzzle, you will have to search eBay to find it. You can do so by clicking right here. I recommend buying a new puzzle, if possible. If you have to buy a used puzzle because that is all that is available or because that is all that you can afford and if it matters to you, make sure that you find out if the seller guarantees the puzzle to be complete. Counting the pieces is not a good way to know if a puzzle is complete since the number of puzzle pieces as given on the outside of the puzzle box does not necessarily represent the exact number of pieces within the box. Unless a puzzle is new, working it is the only way to know it is complete. Of course, you may be content to work a puzzle that is missing a piece or two and, as long as you know that is a possibility, that is okay, too.

You never know what
puzzles I have in store for you!

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Find Springbok's Dancing is a Ball jigsaw puzzle on eBay.
See all of the jigsaw puzzles in my eBay store.

Springbok Dancing is a Ball  Puzzle

Stronger Together Benefit Concert Review (2020)

Stronger Together Benefit Concert Review (2020)

We are STRONGER TOGETHER. In this difficult time when people around the world are staying home in an effort to stay healthy, people in the entertainment industry are adapting and finding new and different ways for us to come together.

Last night, April 26, 2020, Canadian artists performed Bill Withers' iconic song Lean On Me as the closing number on the virtual Stronger Together, Tous Ensemble: Canadian Artists, Athletes and Activists Salute Front Line Workers Benefit Concert. It was a beautiful ending to a very well produced show.


I hope you saw the whole concert but if you did not, here is the closing musical number, a montage of many, many Canadian artists.

After the performance, I was asked by my sister-in-law if I knew all of the artists. I did not. She then asked if my husband, who often knows who is who, did and I said that he also did not. Canada has so much talent! We recognized many artists but the list of participants was long and we met a few new faces as well.


In no particular order, some of the musical performers included Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Alessia Cara, Michael Bublé, Bryan Adams, Jann Arden, Sarah McLachlan, Geddy Lee of Rush, Buffy Sainte-Marie, the Barenaked Ladies, the Arkells, Sofia Reyes, Justin Bieber, William Prince, Drake, Avril Lavigne, Anne Murray, Tom Cochrane, Randy Bachman, Measha Brueggergosman, Burton Cummings, The Tenors and the Voices Rock Medicine female physicians choir.

Note that not all of these singers actually sang. I was disappointed that Celine Dion did not have her own song on the show and my older friends and family wish that Anne Murray had sang a song. However, The Globe and Mail voted for Nova Scotian Anne Murray as the Best Moment when she addressed the pandemic and the mass shooting in her home province and introduced the virtual choir of female physicians (Voices Rock Medicine) who sang the anthem Rise Again.

The list of non-musical performers included actors like Eric McCormack, Jason Priestly, Hamza Haq and Mike Myers, author Margaret Atwood, comedian Howie Mandel, astronaut Chris Hadfield, scientist David Suzuki, Cirque du Soleil's Atherton family, HGTV's Scott McGillivray  and Drew Scott and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Canadian lifestyle magazine Zoomer  call the concert possibly "the greatest one-night performance of Canadian musical talent in history." I agree. Definitely one of the best Canadian concerts ever and obviously this show comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me. The goal of the concert was two fold. First, to thank our amazing front line workers and I believe that they did a fine job in that regard and second, to raise money in support of Canadian Food Banks. I hope the concert proves to have been just as successful in that regard.

Take care and
stay safe everyone.
We will meet again!

Stronger Together Canadian Benefit Concert

Thank You to Front Line Workers

Stronger Together Tous Ensemble Concert

Stronger Together Tous Ensemble Concert

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