Buy a Vintage Pink Rotary Telephone

Sandra Boynton's Vintage Pink Rotary Telephone

How cool are vintage phones? It was author and artist Sandra Boynton's picture of her pink pig rotary phone as shown here that made me wonder if you can still buy a pink rotary phone. It turns out, of course, that you can.

I think rotary phones are pretty cool though you will not find one with a pink pig mounted on it like Ms. Boynton's phone, which was created for her by Frank Grusauskaws. You can find more information about Ms. Boynton's piggy phone on her page on Facebook.

In my opinion, pink phones are perfect for anyone who has a pig obsession. They're also perfect for someone with a very pink room. Or for someone wanting a singular stand-out pink accessory. Or for someone with a love of vintage phones or things vintage in general. Maybe a Mary Kay consultant, LOL?

It turns out that rotary phones in general are a sought-after collectible and a quick and unscientific look at the pink ones seems to show that they sell well on eBay.

As I write this, the highest priced sale of a pink rotary phone on eBay is a pink desktop version made by Western Electric that sold for $517 plus shipping. The most unusual one, surpassing even the very interesting and rare Pink Panther telephone, might just be the Stromberg pay phone that sold for $149 plus shipping, which you can buy new or used.

Here's a selection of pink rotary phones that are available via eBay today:

What do you think? Would you like to add a pink phone to your decor? Perhaps not a pink one but a vintage rotary phone?  Do you know if they even work with today's phone systems?

You never know
what I might have in store for you!

Quick Links:

See eBay's selection of vintage pink rotary phones.


  1. These pink phones are awesome! I could live with one on my desk, sans pig of course.

  2. How about a red one with a rooster, Susan?

  3. The big phone is pretty awesome :D actualy

  4. Where can I get a pink pig receiver rotary dial phone?

    1. You can find pink rotary phones by following the links in the article. However, the pig part was custom made for Sandra Boynton.


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