Remember Digger the Dog, Digging He Goes With You...

Digger the Dog
Meet Digger the Dog, a toddler play toy by Playskool. He’s the hard-to-find yellow version of the dog featuring large floppy fabric ears and a red deerstalker detective hat.

Young children are immediately drawn to Digger. They simply pull the string and off they go with him.  

Digger quickly becomes a beloved toy and will help your young child work on his balance and coordination skills. 

At first your child will start by walking straight with Digger but as his walking skills improve, he will have fun taking Digger in circles, forward and backward and even sending him off on his own.  He will enjoy taking Digger for walks inside and outside, too. 

Watch as Digger the Dog takes me for a walk! 


Of course, Digger really did TAKE me on a walk but I could have controlled him a bit more and we would have gone at a leisurely pace.

You might remember Digger's song from the original television commercial, “Digger the dog, digging he goes with you when you explore, just pull his leash and go for a walk, he's your dog for sure!" Watch the video for yourself but be aware that you might wind up with the tune stuck in your head!

Digger is fun pull toy, an interesting dog sporting a detective look.  Do YOU remember Digger?  Find Digger, in assorted styles new, used and vintage, on eBay by clicking here.

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  1. What a cool toy! Great post, Brenda!

  2. Thanks, Susan. I agree -- and so does the lady in Toronto who purchased it.


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