31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: Emma Bridgewater Hearts Mug for Valentine's Day

Fourth in my series of THE 31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS is a mug appropriate for Valentine's Day...or any day you want to show someone that you love them.  It's a heart-themed mug from Emma Bridgewater.

Emma Bridgewater is a company in Britain that has been producing beautiful ceramics since 1985. Personally, I love all of their designs and this mug is no exception. I'd love to drink my daily cuppa' tea from it. Who wouldn't?

In case it's a heart-themed mug you are looking for but the person you want it for is NOT your sweet heart, take heart. (Pun intended.) This mug is also available with no wording. Just a dreamy white background with pretty pink and red hearts scattered about.

It is also available with the simple but very important word, Mummy on it.  That mug is perfect for any child, young or old, who wants to gift their mother with a coffee mug and show them how much they are loved. If a mom you know would love this mug, maybe it is worth ordering it now, well in advance of Mother's Day. It definitely would be a top-rated gift idea for this mommy!

You can find this and other Emma Bridgewater heart-themed mugs on eBay by clicking right here. When I checked just now on eBay, there were 36 different Emma Bridgewater items with hearts on them available from the sellers on eBay.  If you like this pattern and these colours a lot, make sure you do not miss the heart covered teapot when you look on eBay. What a Valentine's Day tea party you could have with it on your table!

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