Springbok Little Red Riding Hood's Hood Puzzle

Springbok Red Riding Hood Circular Jigsaw Puzzle
We're working an extremely hard vintage Springbok puzzle called Little Red Riding Hood's Hood. Since it is all red, it seems appropriate as Valentine's Day approaches and I don't think there is any danger that we will have it done too early.

Did I say it is a circular puzzle or an "in the round puzzle" as Springbok calls it? It is, and even though it only has approximately 506 pieces,  it is very hard.

Ah, I just read that the box says that every piece is different. Our box does not say that but I bet that it is so. No wonder it is so gosh darn hard!

Although there is no date on the box, sources online say that this puzzle may date to 1964 and that it is Springbok puzzle number PA20.

Our puzzle is marked PZL6034 and, because of these two discrepancies, I wonder if our puzzle was a second edition.  We may never know but we will always know exactly how hard this puzzle was.

Are you a jigsaw puzzle fan? If so, what are you working on? If you have not worked a puzzle for a long time, do you remember what the last one was?

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You Never Know What
I Might Have In Store For You!

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  1. I loved LRRHH. Did it a few times. And Springbok is my favorite puzzle maker. I have done the Dole banana puzzle, and the Ravensburger 9000 Astrology. Think I'm done with puzzles like that, though.

  2. I am looking desperately for the Little Red Riding Hood puzzle...I bought it for my Dad probably 1965? Where did you get yours?? Thanks

    1. Hi Victoria - I had mine for years and eventually sold it on eBay. You can check and see if there are any available on eBay by clicking on the picture or any of the links in this post. However, I do not see any available right now. It is a rare puzzle and ones that appear on the site do sell so you might have luck if you keep checking back.


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