31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: Emma Bridgewater Diamond Jubilee Mugs

This Emma Bridgewater mug is another darling piece in the line that celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012. It measures 3.5 inches in height and holds 10.5 ounces of your favorite hot beverage. Here is a selection of these mugs that are currently available from eBay.

The product line, however, included other attractive pieces like a teapot, a dish cloth, a plate and an apron.

I am a tea drinker -- I always put tea in my coffee mugs and I would really put this beautiful Emma Bridgewater Diamond Jubilee teapot to good use. It is also made in Emma Bridgewater's factory from English earthenware. It measures 8 inches tall and holds 4 cups of tea, brewed exactly as you like it, of course.

One review that I read was from a buyer who says that she purchased this teapot for her 88 year old mother who is British. She says that her mother loved the sentiment "Steadfast and True" that is written on the teapot as well as the fact that this teapot celebrates the Queen and her Diamond Jubilee. The teapot now resides in the center of her mother's treasured display!

When I first wrote this page, these pieces were available on Amazon. However, when I was looking today I discovered that there are not many of these items available there anymore. You can check to see which pieces are on Amazon right now by clicking right here or you can see what is available on eBay in England by clicking right here

Any of the pieces in this set would make a wonderful gift idea for someone who follows the life of Britain's Royal Family and who has a royal memorabilia collection. I would love to own them all and I do not have a Royal Family collection. How about you? Are you a fan? Of the Queen and her family? Of Emma Bridgewater?

You never know
what mugs I might
have in store for you!

This post previously published elsewhere by the author in 2012.

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