31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: Starbucks' Emma Bridgewater Coffee Mugs

Emma Bridgewater says, "I'm a coffee addict and can't really get through the morning without it, so I was delighted when Starbucks asked me to design a mug that really encapsulated everything that was great about Britain."

If you love a handsome mug like the ones produced by Emma Bridgewater and the ones produced by Starbucks, you will LOVE this collaboration between the two companies, which saw the production of a mug that fans of both brands and of Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family will love.

In 2012, Starbucks commissioned Emma Bridgewater to create a limited edition mug for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration. A limited run of only 6,000 of the mugs were made, guaranteeing it to become a very special collector's item indeed.

On this page, if you have not already seen it, you can check out this unusual and very handsome Starbucks coffee mug, learn a bit more about it and even find out where you can buy one for your collection.

Picture used with permission from blogger Another Goldfish.

What's The Story of Starbucks' Emma Bridgewater Diamond Jubilee Coffee Mug?

The Starbucks' Diamond Jubilee coffee mug was handmade in Emma Bridgewater's Victorian factory in Staffordshire, England and features that company's design talents and fine craftsmanship. At the end of May, 2012, it was sold at about one hundred Starbucks coffee shops.

Are These Starbucks Mugs Really Handmade?

In a blog post on Starbucks' blog, Emma Bridgewater says that at their factory, the Staffordshire Potteries in Stoke-on-Trent, they make and decorate each and every piece by hand. The company feels that it is important to keep these skills going and do so in a Victorian factory that strives to meet the area's heritage of world class ceramics. They believe it is important to nurture talent and maintain the manufacturing heritage of Britain.

Emma Bridgewater Diamond Jubilee Products Video

This short video will give you an idea HOW Emma Bridgewater products are made and, if you are anything like me, it will make you want to travel to England to visit the factory. I have been to England but was blissfully unaware of Emma Bridgewater at the time.

You Can Own A Limited Edition Emma Bridgwater Starbucks Coffee Mug Via the Sellers on eBay

I've never actively followed interest in a limited edition mug like this Starbucks & Emma Bridgewater mug. Since only 6,000 mugs were made, I'd assume that demand and the value of these mugs will only increase. As I write this, this handsome piece is selling on eBay for up to $60 plus shipping.

Take a peek at the Emma Bridgewater Starbucks cups that the private eBay sellers have available right now...

You never know
what mugs I might have in store
for you!

This post previously published elsewhere by the author in 2012.

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