31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: Vintage Taylor and Ng Coffee Mugs

You Will Love These Handsome and Whimsical Taylor & Ng Coffee Mugs

Taylor and Ng is a 51-year old American company created by the Chinese American artists Spaulding Taylor and Win Ng. The firm is still in operation today and takes pride in creating useful and attractive products for everyday life. The Taylor and Ng coffee mugs certainly meet that goal although I am certain that they are popular because they feature whimsical images of animals including some slightly naughty ones.

Vintage Taylor and Ng mugs are sought after. However, the company continues to make mugs so you can also purchase a new, reproduction mug if you prefer.

The vintage MUGS are hot collectors' items right now, with individual mugs ranging in value from $10 to $180 with that last figure being the most expensive Taylor and Ng mug sold on eBay in the 90 days preceding the creation of this page in August of 2011. Because I know you are curious, I will tell you that the mug that sold for $180 is a white 1979 mug with a blue picture of Le Chat Aile - a winged cat.

(Picture of the Le Chat mug shown here by Hidden Library on Flickr.)

Taylor & Ng Le Chat (Cat) Coffee Mugs

Cat lovers who appreciate Ng's work will love these Le Chat mugs and, of course, you don't have to hold out for the rarest $180 mug. You can have a different version from a more recent year for much less than that figure like this one from eBay:

Taylor & Ng L'Escargot and Cheval Mugs

There seems to be something about the vintage mugs in the blue color for the blue Taylor & Ng l'escargo and cheval mugs also command top dollar but, once again, there are other choices available including more recent reproductions, other images and other colors.

(Picture via jhighead on eBay.)

This cheval mug updates daily and is available right now on eBay:

Taylor & Ng Orgy / Naughty Coffee Mugs

These Taylor & Ng orgy or naughty coffee mugs generate a lot of discussion on and offline. (Taylor & Ng calls the reproduction of these naughty mugs animates, I am not sure if that is what they originally called them.)

People often have these cups in their hands without realizing exactly what those creatures are up to in the image until someone points the activity out to them. Fun and playful, these mugs fortunately leave much to the imagination.

Although popular, these naughty cups are generally more affordable with the most expensive one sold in the last 90 days being a naughty alligator coffee mug, which eBay seller CTCulture had the good fortune to sell for just over $50 once you factor in the cost of shipping.

If you see a mug you love, don't hesitate. These mugs are all listed on eBay and may be the seller's only one...

Modern Taylor & Ng Coffee Cups

Classy Critters Taylor & Ng Coffee MugsBe aware that there are two types of Taylor & Ng mugs...the vintage, collectible ones and the reproduction, brand-new ones. Some available from Amazon are misleadingly titled vintage although they are really reproductions. Be aware, too, that people are sometimes disappointed with the new mugs, especially when they were expecting the character of the older ones. In any case, you can see all of Amazon's Taylor & Ng mugs by clicking here.

I love the Taylor & Ng classy critters mugs. (As shown here in a picture via Happy Flower Head on Flickr.) They are more colorful than most of the others and may appeal to you more or less because of that fact. They are attractive and feature fun names and illustrations like Rascal Rabbit, Doggy Do Good and Kitty Katfish. You can find the classy critter collection on Amazon by clicking right here.

What do you think of these Taylor & Ng coffee mugs naughty and otherwise?


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Author's Note: Page originally published elsewhere in 2011.

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