I wrapped up my first series, the 31 Days of Coffee Mugs at the end of January and thought a list or index page of the mugs that I covered might be helpful to you and to me. So without further ado, here is the interesting assortment of mugs that I shared in my series in January, 2015:

Starbucks Boy With Green Balloon Mug
Starbucks Dot Collection Mugs & Tumblers
Disney Store Frozen Coffee Mugs
Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Mugs
Marsala Coffee Mugs
John Wayne Mugs
Sheep Coffee Mugs
Sandra Boynton Coffee Mugs
Vintage Federal Glass Company Zodiac Mugs
St. Patrick's Day Coffee Mugs
Starbucks You Melt My Heart Mug
I Heart Hugs Snoopy Mug
Konitz Snuggle Hearts Mug
Gray Grey or Beige - Greige Mugs
How to Use a Coffee Mug Properly
Classic Movie Mug 
Heat Activated Shark Mug
Disney's Mickey Mouse Coffee Mug Warmer
Super Hero Dad Mugs
Duct Tape Mug
Mugs For Old Guys
Three Stitch Mugs From Disney’s Lilo & Stitch
Five Fabulous Turquoise Blue Mugs
A Garfield Mug
A Squirrel Mug
Mugs For Mom
Harry Potter Coffee Mugs
Emma Bridgewater Hearts Mug for Valentine’s Day
Downton Abbey Tea Cups
Self-Stirring Coffee Mug
Starbucks 2015 Year of the Sheep Mug

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I hope you're enjoying whatever's in your mug!

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