An eBay Seller's Mantra: One In One Out

As an eBay seller, my hands get to hold a lot of new, used and vintage items and I have to admit that I am often tempted to KEEP something. However, over the years, I have learned to resist this urge and I have instituted a rule. I'm sure you have heard of it...

ONE IN, ONE OUT.  It's a simple rule that helps keep the proliferation of pieces from growing and it is not (usually) too hard to implement.

Now I carefully access each COFFEE MUG that enters my home. My cupboard is full and there are very few new mugs that I actually need to keep. I even recently convinced myself to list a gorgeous, Halloween-themed Starbucks pumpkin coffee mug in my store. That was especially hard because it really is a nice mug and I will admit that I used it twice before I listed it.

Now I no longer feel the need to keep every JEAN JACKET, however nice it may be.  I have a lovely collection, more than I need, really and, if I put my hands on another one that I need to keep, I just choose one of my own to sell. One in, one out.

I have never felt the need to keep every MOVIE that I buy for resale because I rarely watch a movie twice. However, we do eventually watch a lot of the movies that I pick up and they often work for me three times. Once as pure entertainment, once when I write about them on my movie blog and once when I sell them on eBay.  This is definitely an inexpensive way to find movies to watch.

How about you? Do you collect anything? Are there items that you have a hard time passing by? How do you decide what to keep and what to part with?

Treasures By Brenda
You Never Know What
I Might Have In Store!

This was my first Five-Minute Friday Post. Every Friday, blogger Heading Home issues a challenge to write for just five minutes about a word.  This week's challenge was to write with the word keep. Many of the posts are inspirational, I know this one is not. Perhaps for some it might be motivational.  

I know I have now spent a few minutes more than the allotted five minutes but I expect to keep getting better every week! If you're interested in participating, you can subscribe to the blog by following the link to Heading Home shown above.

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