31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: Don't Borrow Trouble Borrow Money Coffee Mug

I apologize in advance if this humorous vintage coffee mug is no longer available. However, some mugs just beg to be shared and I wanted to add this one to my collection here online before it disappeared forever.

What is it about this mug that appealed to me? Well, the comment on the side made me smile. It reads, "Don't borrow trouble, borrow money then trouble will follow you."

Of course, the bold orange color is also appealing.

Created by Prestige Ceramics and Crown Art Products in Canada, it would surely be a one of a kind gift idea for someone who is in the business of borrowing (or should I say lending) money, LOL.

If you are interested in buying it - maybe you are a banker - visit Swhirling Dervish's store on Etsy by clicking this link. If this one is no longer available, maybe you will find another vintage mug that appeals to you.

You never know what
mugs I might have
in store for you!

Find this mug in Swhirling Dervish's store on Etsy.

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