31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: Starbucks 2016 Year of the Monkey Mug

Starbucks 2016 Year of the Monkey Mug
Welcome to a New Year! In celebration, I am going to jump right in with some of the interesting, wonderful, beautiful, handsome, unique, new, used and even vintage coffee mugs that I pass in my travels by creating a second 31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS series. Without further ado, I bring you the first of my finds for 2016…

It seems like a great starting point is with mugs celebrating the New Year, 2016, which leads us, as it did last year, to a handsome Starbucks mug. This year it is in the form of a monkey since 2016 is the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac.

Actually, there are a number of monkey-themed Starbucks mugs listed on eBay and I am featuring but two here.

I love the design of these pieces with the handsome monkeys, their bold red and white coloration and the tail-shaped handles. These mugs are smallish by today's standards and will hold 8 ounces of your favourite hot and steamy beverage.

You can order this Starbucks mug from the sellers on ebay by clicking right here. While you're there, you you will be able to see the assortment of Starbucks 2016 Year of the Monkey mugs. HEre is a wee sampling of what is available today:

Anyway, this is only the beginning. I know there will be many more interesting mugs to discover this year. Whether you are an intentional or an unintentional collector, I know you will enjoy seeing some of the magnificent coffee mugs that I have uncovered.

Will you be adding a monkey-themed coffee mug to your collection in 2016?

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