The Andy Warhol Barbie Doll

Have you seen her? Mattel's Barbie as Andy Warhol that is? She's adorable...
Have you seen her? Mattel's Barbie as Andy Warhol that is?

I have and I think she's adorable with her cute cropped haircut and her black outfit.  I just read that she's not exactly accurate. For instance, Andy Warhol was not a painter but Mattel chose to accessorize this Barbie with the tools of a painter.

To me, it does not matter. She's cute and representative of pop art, something that always fascinates me. Not that it really matters. I am not going to own one of these dolls.

I am not a Barbie doll collector but as a girl I played with Barbie quite a bit and now I find myself occasionally fascinated by one, like this Warhol doll or the Alfred Hitchcock Birds Barbie doll.

This Andy Warhol themed Barbie doll is a limited edition Platinum Label doll. Only 999 dolls were made. That fact, of course, meant a near instant sell out.  I do not know how much this doll would have retailed for when she was sold but I have seen guesses of $100 or $150. 

Barbie as Andy Warhol

Mattel's Barbie as Andy Warhol

I see that this Andy Warhol Barbie can now be found on eBay where she is listed for up to $799 and selling for anywhere from $500 to $799, well out of my range and I bet that some very lucky Barbie doll collector is going to find this doll under her Christmas tree! Updated to 2023, Barbie is selling on eBay for up to $700.

If you are curious, here is a peek at some of the current results on eBay. If you are a serious shopper, I hope this widget will help you add the Andy Warhol Barbie doll to your collection. If you prefer, you can see all of eBay's Warhol dolls by clicking here.

Happy Collecting!

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