McDonald's Big Mac Special Sauce For Sale On eBay

I love reading about interesting, unique and UNUSUAL eBay listings and just now discovered via a post on That Kat the fact that McDonald's is running a series of auctions in Australia.

The item? No, it's not a Big Mac but it is close. It turns out that McDonald's is auctioning off 200 bottles of a Limited Edition Big Mac Special Sauce and is donating the proceeds of the auction to charity.

Apparently, fans are anxious to get their hands on the sauce. Despite the fact that the auction is in Australia and open to pre-approved Australian bidders, auction bidding has already reached $23,100 Australian dollars, which translates into $17,800 U.S. or $22,431 Canadian. All for a little bottle of sauce.

I suppose it may be a hot ticket item because of the claims made in the listing, which include the fact that everything tastes better when it tastes like a Big Mac including, but not limited to, leftovers, steak, your mother's amazing lasagne and your boyfriend's awful lasagne.

What do you think the lucky bidders are planning on doing with the sauce once they have it in hand? Frame it or maybe freeze it to keep it in perpetuity?

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