31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: Sheep Coffee Mugs

Sheep collectors rejoice. I found a selection of woolly coffee mugs for you.

They're made by Dublin Gifts of Ireland and they feature a selection of your sheep friends.

Your choices include the mug shown here, which is covered with a rainbow of sheep with lots of sheep-themed references.

Or the attractive green mugs shown below with two versions of these Irish Wooley Jumpers theme in two shapes so you can pick the shape that you prefer.

Finally, the black and white sheep mug shown below...for the black sheep in the family, of course.

Not only would these mugs suit a sheep collector but, since they are marked Ireland and made by Dublin Gifts, they'd also make a wonderful souvenir of time spent in Ireland.  They would also make a great choice for a St. Patrick's Day cup since some of they hail from Ireland and some of them even have a green clover on them.

You can find them all on Amazon by clicking here. If you or someone you know love sheep, it is noteworthy that there's a host of matching merchandise that includes salt and pepper shakers, oven mitts, towels and more. You could really assemble a nice sheep-themed gift set with some of these pieces.

I am hard picked to choose a favourite. The black sheep mug makes me smile because of the reference to the black sheep of the family but I love the colours of the other pieces. Which one do you like the best? Is there a sheep themed coffee mug in your future?

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Quick Links:

Check out Dublin Gifts complete sheep collection on Amazon.
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