31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: Sandra Boynton Coffee Mugs

You might know Sandra Boynton and not even be aware that you know her.  I first encountered her many years ago when my children were preschoolers through a 1993 children’s board book called Barnyard Dance.

Sandra Boynton is an award-winning children's author and illustrator who has created a world of funny animal characters that we know and love. They appear not only in her numerous children's books but also on greeting cards, coffee mugs, bedding and so much more.

Naturally, Sandra Boynton's coffee mugs feature her iconic characters in funny moments. From Christmas to Valentine's Day to mugs that share frustrations with the work place, there is a Sandra Boynton mug for you.

This, the 24th post In my 31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS series, is dedicated to the mugs of Sandra Boynton.

If you are a competitive sort, you’ll appreciate the I Play To Win mug.

If you drag yourself to work on Mondays, you will enjoy the sentiment on, the Fact: There Are Three Times As Many Mondays As Fridays mug.

Whether you do or do not embrace all the craziness of the Christmas season, you might enjoy the Bah Humbug mug.

Recycled Paper Products has been producing these mugs on Sandra Boynton’s behalf for quite awhile, which means that some of the designs are harder to find than others. However, a quick look at the eBay sales statistics shows that the most expensive Sandra Boynton mug sold in the last year sold for just under $40, which means they should not be priced out of reach of the average consumer.  The mugs that fetched the highest selling prices included the Juan in a Million, Wee Fish Ewe A Mare E-Grets Moose and the Rudolph No Business Like Snow Business mugs.

Here are but a few of the Sandra Boynton coffee mugs available right now on eBay:

If you did not see one you like here, you can check out ALL of the Sandra Boynton mugs on eBay by clicking right here. When I looked, there were over 600 options listed.

Treasures By Brenda
You Never Know What I Might Have in Store for You!

More Sandra Boynton:

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