The Official Oscars App

Of course, there's an app for almost everything these days. This morning I accidentally tripped across the Official Oscars App although I haven't been able to check it out because it is not available in Canada. 

So, if you are in the U.S., you will be able to enjoy The Official Oscars App. It allows you to partake in the whole process, from the Academy Award nominations to the Oscar presentations, though of course we are awfully close to the actual Acadamy Awards date of February 24, 2013 so you won't have as long to enjoy it as you might have if we had discovered this app sooner. 

The app offers you information about the movies including the official trailers. You will be able to watch programs about the films, the actors and the fashions.  I think that the best feature will be the opportunity in 'My Picks' to cast a ballot for your favorite movies and see how you score when the results are in.

You can see how the Official Oscars App works in this short Youtube trailer:

The Oscars App is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch from the iTunes store or for your Kindle or Android device from Amazon and it is FREE.
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Olympic Basketball Expected To Go Home To The United States

Deflated. Lumpy. Old. All words used to describe this BERG basketball.

American Basketball enthusiasts will be watching with interest when it comes up for auction this week in New York. It is, according to the Ottawa Citizen, the only Olympic gold-medal game ball that isn't owned by someone in the United States.
This basketball is from the Canada versus United States 1936 gold-medal basketball game at the Berlin Olympics. The United States won the game that day but it looks like the Canadian who carried this ball home or at least his family will be a winner when this ball is sold for an estimated $150,000.

See you
at the auction!

Read the whole story in the Ottawa Citizen at Olympic Basketball Up For Sale.

The Serta Counting Sheep

Spurred on by eBay seller Mandicraft's purchase and subsequent sale of four Serta Sheep mugs, I went looking for more information about the famous or perhaps infamous Serta Counting Sheep.

Turns out the Serta Sheep are actors who were very carefully hand-picked by the Serta Mattress company and who have gone on to phenomenal commercial success.

If you are blissfully unaware of WHO the Serta Sheep are, I offer up this Youtube video, which is perhaps my favorite of the numerous Serta Sheep commercials. I love it because it is so heartfelt and, perhaps, because the lady in the commercial shares my name, LOL.

I also offer up this page dedicated to the cutest little sheep around, the Serta sheep.

I discovered some Serta Sheep products listed on Amazon but it turned out that the best resource with the biggest selection is definitely eBay. You will see a few of the Serta Sheep available through eBay in the little chart at the end of this page.  If you are looking to buy Serta Sheep plush toys, I recommend turning to eBay and, if you are wondering if Serta Sheep are a good thing to sell on eBay, the answer is a resounding YES. They are definitely something to sell on eBay.


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Meet The Serta Counting Sheep.
Order plush Serta Sheep #60 from Amazon.

iPhone Toy Apps

I was dragged kicking and screaming into the world of the electronic gadget. Until Christmas 2011, I was happy to own a $10 pay-as-you-go cellphone. It allowed my family to reach me in case of an emergency and was hardly ever used.

On Christmas morning in 2012, I opened the last package under the tree. What I saw made my jaw hit my chest and rendered me speechless for a solid 10 minutes. When I started to speak, I would really call it more of a sputter.

I am sure you have guessed what was in that package. Yes, that's right, it was a shiny new Apple iPhone, a gadget that I once mentioned aloud to my husband had business applications for my eBay store, Treasures By Brenda and a pretty pink Otter case, as shown here.

As they say, the rest is history. My phone is used constantly for everything but talking. I even read Kindle ebooks on it. As recently as yesterday my husband, who of course was the Santa who gifted me with my phone, was heard saying, "What did you do before that phone?"

Toys are the next frontier that I would like to check out. I'm really excited about the opportunities to put my smartphone or Chris' iPad mini to work with and had a lot of fun researching the items featured on a page called The Best New APP Toys. I've included video for you wherever possible because that makes it so much easier to picture what an app toy can do and how it works.

If you haven't seen what the new Furby can do, you're missing out, LOL.



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Discover the Best New App Toys.
See Furby interact with an iPhone.

Ottawa Board Game Summit

Safe to say, I think, that all of the members of my family including my unofficial third son enjoy playing board games though, of course, we don't have as much time to pursue this activity as we would like and we no longer live under the same roof.

I read with interest therefore a story in this week's Ottawa Citizen called Fun For All At Board-Game Summit and thought wouldn't that have been fun.  

The summit was started in 2008 when it drew 100 visitors. This year, by Sunday, 1,500 people had come to play games.

My entire family would have loved to have spent any number of hours there accessing the 600 board game library. For an entrance fee of $40, one had access to the collection for the weekend. 

The newspaper says that the game selection included board games way beyond the typical games you find at the department store, card games of the collectible sort, war-type games and giant games of chess, Jenga, etc.

Of course, my family owns a library of board games but they still eye with interest the new, used and vintage, hard-to-find board games that come into my house for my eBay store.  If you are a board gamer, you know that there is nothing like a new to you board game!

Settlers of Catan, anyone?


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Hub Caps For Sale

Sometimes it is funny what one person might think to sell that another might not. I know little about cars so I definitely would not think of selling something like hub caps, the product which has made Hub Cap Annie famous. 

Hub Cap Annie's journey was from working in pharmaceutical sales to 'queen' of the hub caps. I'll call her that, I'm not sure if anyone else has.

When Hub Cap Annie no longer wanted to work in pharmaceutical sales  she opened a store for used hubcaps in Denver, Colorado.

Hubcaps turned out to be an industry that was fairly dirty to work in but also quite interesting. As she herself said in The Star Pheonix, "I  love this collection. The designs are so ornate and the craftsmanship is so exquisite."

Hub Cap Annie started off with 600 hubcaps that she purchased from a police officer.   Eventually she owned a business that sold hubcaps and had a collection of 20,000 hubcaps.

She sold the business in 2008 but kept some of her favorite hubcaps including those from many manufacturers the likes of Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Willys Knight, Chandler and Houk.

Yesterday's local newspaper shared the fact that Hub Cap Annie has put her personal collection up for sale on Craigslist.  She is asking $25,000 for her "Rare Vintage Grease, Center & Hub Cap Collection."

And yes, it looks like used hub caps are a good candidate for Something To Sell on eBay:

Is there a
hub cap in your future?

Quick Link:

Read the Star Pheonix article, Hub Cap Annie Seeks A Good Home For Her Collection.

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