31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: Colour Matching My Cuppa Mugs

What's In Your Cuppa Mug?

The My Cuppa Tea and My Cuppa Coffee mugs are unique and fun. Each one comes with a banding on the inside so that you can serve up the perfect cup of tea or coffee for your friends and family. I love the idea, which was designed by a company called Suck UK. These mugs are a real novelty item, a unique gift idea for both tea and coffee lovers. Particularly useful if you have someone who is fussy about how much milk or cream they take in their hot beverage. With one of these mugs in hand, my husband would actually be able to make me a cup of tea and come fairly close to making it the way I like it.

All About The Cuppa Mugs Video

How do you take your tea according to the guide in the Cuppa mug???
  • Milky.
  • Classic British.
  • Builders Brew.
  • Just Tea.
  • No Thanks.
How would you take your coffee in a Cuppa mug???
  • Milky.
  • Regular.
  • Dark and Strong.
  • Just Coffee.
  • No Thanks.

If you can't remember how your loved one takes his or her coffee, maybe you should be making it in a CUPPA mug!

You never know what
coffee mugs I have
in store for you!

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Author's Note: Originally published elsewhere in 2011.

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