31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: Five Fabulous Turquoise Blue Mugs

I love blue. It used to be a country Wedgewood blue that I adored but in the last few years that has changed. While I still like that colour and my everyday dish set is in that colour, I have grown to appreciate a bunch of different blues so today I am showcasing five mugs in blue. That is, turquoise blue or robin's Egg blue or teal blue. However or whatever you choose to call it, I love it. How about you?


Shown above is a lovely rounded coffee mug from Life is Good. I have long enjoyed Life is Good coffee mugs like the Half Full one shown below.  However, I have never seen the Life is Good Cheer mug series until now. They are apparently meant to be holiday mugs though I think they would be appropriate at any time.  The Hope mug is one of three. The others are Joy and Love and in black and red are equally attractive. I think the love one would make a fine Valentine's themed mug, too. You can find all three on Amazon by clicking here


Next is a handsome Disney Store Exclusive mug featuring Winnie the Pooh's Eeyore proclaiming, as he so often does, "Oh well."

If you are not aware, official Disney mugs from both the Disney Store and the Disney theme parks are the nicest Disney-themed mugs that you can buy.  If I were choosing a Disney-themed mug, I would definitely want it to be one from one of those locations. However, you do not have to visit those destinations to own one as they are readily available through resellers on Amazon and eBay. This Eeyore mug is available from Amazon by clicking here.

If you are a Disney fan, watch for a post dedicated to Disney mugs coming up in my series, 31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS and if you are a big Disney fan, don't miss my page of Disney Gift Ideas.


If you have long admired vintage Fiestaware, you can buy a turquoise blue mug from Homer Laughlin. As a matter of fact, you can build a whole coffee mug collection or even an entire dish set with reproduction Fiesta pieces. They are actually today made by the same company that has been making Fiesta dishes since 1936. Buying new is less expensive than buying vintage pieces, simplifies finding the mugs and eliminates any concerns regarding the content of vintage dishes. A definite plus in my view is that new pieces are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. If blue is not your colour, don't worry. This mug is available in a myriad of other colours. Check them out for yourself by clicking right here.


Here is a Life is Good mug in a newer pattern but in the more typical style and shape that I am used to. Life is Good calls this style relaxed. I would agree as I can picture myself relaxing with my hands wrapped around this mug, which  is quite similar in style and weight to a vintage diner mug.  Find this half full mug on eBay by clicking right here.


Finally, here is a beautiful piece, much fancier than the others and in a totally different style. It is a Friendship mug from Royal Albert and I think it is stunning.  It would be a beautiful addition to any turquoise themed room and it would really make a beautiful gift for a special friend.  Find this Friendship mug on Amazon here.

Well, there you have it. The ninth edition in my coffee mug series.  I have to admit that I love all of these blue mugs and I would love to have them all.  How about you? Do you like blue? Is one of the mugs on this page for you?

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P.S. If you'd like to see all of the mugs featured in my series 31 Days of Coffee Mugs, you can click on the tab at the top of this page.

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