31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right

Here's a mug for a couple who has fun pretending to be or perhaps actually being Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right.

Do you know anyone who fits those titles?

I can think of a pair that I know particularly well for though my husband may be Mr. Right, I am, of course, Mrs. Always Right.

I'm pretty sure this sentiment fits right in with the Happy Wife, Happy Life quote that my husband loves.

In any case, they're a handsome pair of coffee mugs recreating the popular look of a coffee shop chalk board. You can try to find them on Amazon by clicking right here. Unfortunately, they are in limited availability right now so I've turned to eBay where I found the following Giftcraft Chalk Talk mugs available right now:

I also found these moustache and lip themed coffee mugs from Lorrie Veasey that share the sentiment.  I love the fact that this set is reminiscent of the moustache month, Movember. You can find them on Amazon by clicking right here

Either set would be great gift ideas for the RIGHT couple, pun intended.  They'd be perfect choices at Valentine's Day, for a wedding shower or even an anniversary gift idea.

Finally, in case neither of these sets is quite what you are looking for or is unavailable all together, I share a selection of Mr. and Mrs. Right themed coffee mugs from eBay. The selection here will change every day, depending upon what is available on eBay.

You never know what mugs I might have in store for you!

Treasures By Brenda
Mrs. Always Right

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