31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: Life is Good Start Me Up Mug

Start Me Up Everyday MugHere is a coffee mug for those of you who struggle to get going in the morning.  I do not usually have any trouble getting moving though I have the luxury of setting my own start time in the morning and I will admit that it is different most mornings.

I do find that when I have to get up for some external reason like an appointment, my desire to move and speed of movement are somewhat different.

That's a phenomenon I struggle to understand. Why is it easy when I don't have to get up and hard when I do have to? I expect I will never know the answer to that question.

I do, however, like this attractive black START ME UP coffee mug from the folks at Life is Good. It is perfect for those who cannot get going until they have had their first cup of coffee.

You will find the Start Me Up wording and mug image on one side and the iconic Life is Good logo on the back. You can buy this coffee mug directly from the folks at Life is Good by clicking right here.

You never know what
coffee mug I will have
in store for you!

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Buy this Start Me Up from Life is Good.
Check out the Life is Good mugs in my eBay store.

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