World in Words World Map Jigsaw Puzzle

World in Words World Map Jigsaw Puzzle
World in Words World Map Jigsaw Puzzle

A young friend and his girlfriend enjoy working jigsaw puzzles and when he visited her family at Christmastime, they worked a puzzle that had pieces in the shape of countries.  Apparently that suited their other interest, which is memorizing all of the countries in the world.  With that puzzle, they could remove a country from let's say the continent of Africa and then the other person could try to figure out what country was missing.

This new Ravensburger puzzle is not quite the same as that but it still looks like fun for geography fans who like working jigsaw puzzles.  I think it would be fun to put the pieces in place for a favorite country, like Canada or for a country that you would like to VISIT, like Australia, Greenland or Brazil.  I really like the way the letters are designed...I am not sure what decade that harkens from but it is definitely retro in style. 

It's a 500 piece puzzle, affordable at less than $15 and available from Amazon by clicking here. Remember, Amazon will ship for free if you spend $25, so bundling a couple of things you need or want to purchase together will save you some money.

Happy Puzzling!
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