MUGS ON MONDAY: A Maxine Coffee Mug

I see so many fun mugs on my travels that I thought I might start  a new series, MUGS ON MONDAY and I thought I would start with this mug.

If you are familiar at all with Maxine, you will know that she is a wisecracking crotchety older lady attempting to, ah, "embrace" old age.

Maxine was created in 1986 by John Wagner for Hallmark's Shoebox Greetings division. According to Hallmark, she is the only greeting card character who has successfully moved from the world of the greeting card to the world of pop culture. As a matter of fact, she now has her own books, comic strip, calendars, website and, as is evidenced on this page, mugs.

And what a fun this mug is with Maxine quipping, "Water is just coffee that hasn't reached it's full potential." I know most of you will agree, whether you are Maxine's age or not.

Maxine's sole purpose in life is putting a smile on your face. I hope she has helped you smile today via this clever coffee mug, which is available from Amazon by clicking right here.

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