31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: A Squirrel Mug

We regularly watch the antics of our neighbourhood squirrels out our kitchen bay window. They frequently make us smile although sometimes they make us frown. This week they have not found a way on to the bird feeder yet so we're still smiling at them.

The episode of the never-ending show outside our window this week involved a black squirrel carrying a bagel all over our yard. We were not sure what he was up to nor where he found the bagel so we presumed that there must be a squirrel coffee shop in the neighbourhood that we do not know about but that the squirrel does. Maybe it came from the same 'shop' from which he was given a muffin a few days ago.

Anyway, after much fussing, Mr. Squirrel finally stopped running about the yard and carefully placed the bagel in a crook of our smaller tree and left.  I was amazed that he would abandon such an obvious treasure. My husband figures that he could only eat so much at a time and that he had to put it down somewhere.  I thought it was more likely that he had forgotten the peanut butter and had gone back to the squirrel coffee shop to retrieve some...

Remarkably, the bagel sat there untouched by other squirrels and birds for hours.  Someone eventually removed it because when I looked again it was gone.  Hopefully, Mr. Squirrel returned with his peanut butter and finished it off.

Anyway, it was because of that squirrel that I went in search of a squirrel themed mug for this post, the seventh in my series, the 31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS.  I found a couple of mugs that I liked, including this lovely, realistic squirrel mug by Emma Bridgewater but I settled on the mug shown on this page because of the humorous slogan and handsome design.

The mug shown here is by Canadian artist Mia Lane and Wild Wings reads, "This place is a nut house."  Even if that is only sometimes the case in your home, you are bound to like this mug if you enjoy the antics of the squirrels in your yard.  I love the image, the quotation and the sculpted handle. You can find it on Amazon by clicking right here.  It turns out that Wild Wings has a large assortment of sculpted Canadian wildlife themed coffee mugs and even a couple of very interesting mug racks. You can see them all on Amazon by clicking here.

I know that the quotation on this mug was not intended to actually reflect the action in my backyard this past week but if the shoe fits...

Are squirrels a source of entertainment in your home?

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