31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: Mugs For Old Guys

My husband has chosen to embrace the advancing years by announcing to the world that, "Old Guys Rule."  He is happy to announce it on a worn-out hat that he refuses to part with, a number of t-shirts and even on a coffee mug.

I therefore set out to see what options there are in the world of coffee mugs for men of advancing age. Mugs, that is, with an "old" theme.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find my husband's Old Guys Rule coffee mug to share on this page. The Old Guys Rule series includes mugs for all types of men from golfers to fishermen to storytellers...you can see which mugs from that series are available right now on eBay by clicking here.

I did find this handsome black and orange mug on Amazon that proclaims the owner is of Premium Quality and crafted from A Very Old Recipe.  That he is a Vintage Dude. That he is The Man, The Myth The Legend, one composed of 60 Percent Courage and 40 Percent Ability.  If that describes an old guy you know, you can find the mug on Amazon by clicking right here.

You  might want to think carefully before you gift your dad or even your grandfather with one of these mugs.  Will he love it or will he be offended? That is a very important consideration.  I know my husband would love it, especially if he needed a new coffee mug...and it would be a perfect Father's Day, birthday or Christmas present for an "old" guy, don't you think?

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P.S. If you'd like to see all of the mugs featured in my series, you can click on the coffee mugs tab at the top of this page.

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Order the Old Vintage Dude mug on Amazon.
See what Old Guys Rule mugs are available on eBay.

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