31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: Disney's Mickey Mouse Coffee Mug Warmer

In the past, I have seen a Garfield mug warmer but it was not until today that I discovered Disney's Mickey Mouse mug warmer set as shown here.

As one whose tea is too frequently cold in her mug, I have to say that I think that this mug is simply too cool for words.

I love the coordinated, matching set of mug and warmer and the fact that it features a handsome black mug with Mickey Mouse on the outside and a bright red interior that reads, "Mickey Mouse." There's something cheerful about that red interior.

As I write this, the set is on sale. Amazon has it marked at just $9.99. I cannot imagine it ever costing less and can actually see it going up in price once it is not in production since it is a practical and handsome  Mickey Mouse themed item.

According to the Amazon customer reviews, I am not the only one who loves it. I see comments like, "It keeps my coffee hot" and "I love it."   It's not perfect with perhaps the biggest complaint being that the red on the base shows wear somewhat quickly.  Given the fact that the warmer keeps hot beverages hot, that would be a disadvantage that I would be willing to live with. You can read all of the reviews for yourself on Amazon by clicking right here.

I think it is a nice set for any Mickey Mouse fan. What do you think?

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