31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: Heat Activated Shark Mug

In 2013 my husband discovered the video game Hungry Shark.  He played it when he was looking for a few minutes of down time but he soon became mildly addicted.  Of course, if he did not play, his iPad would notify him that his shark was hungry.

Maybe he wasn't actually addicted but he did take a teasing and that teasing led to him receiving this shark mug as a gift.

It's a heat-activated mug. I am sure you have seen some version of a mug that has an image that changes when you add a hot beverage.

In the case of this shark mug, you'll discover that the waters at the beach are not as pleasant as they first appear...

It's a novelty mug, a bit of fun in this case for someone who loves Hungry Shark but also a nice gift idea for someone who likes sharks...or maybe for someone who does NOT like sharks!  It would be a nice item to have on hand for Shark Week, too.

Be aware that the one draw back is that this mug, like other heat changing mugs, must be hand washed. I presume that washing it in the dishwasher would ruin the changing image.  Also, be aware that the image change is not as intense as you might expect. It is a gradual change and the colours are fairly low key perhaps because the sharks are meant to be underwater.

I notice that my husband uses his mug frequently despite the fact that we have to hand wash it.  That's definitely a sign that he likes it and that it is a comfortable mug for him to hold.  I am sure that someone in your family who likes sharks would enjoy it, too.

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