Two Great Lego Books for Lego Fans

The Lego Book by Daniel Lipkowitz

Within the pages of The Lego Book, a Lego fan will discover the story behind the history of the Lego brick. This is an updated version of the book and includes a timeline and information about the more recent Star Wars, Ninjago and Friends Lego sets. It even includes information about Lego’s movies and video games. This Lego Book is discontinued and therefore, the price of a new copy has gone up. However, used copies are very affordable and you can check out The Lego Book, new and used, here on Amazon. It is a book that belongs in every Lego fan's collection. 

Lego Minifigure Year by Year A Visual History

In 2013, when I was looking for a good Lego-themed book, the Lego Minifigure Year by Year Visual History by Gregory Farshtey and Daniel Lipkowitz also ranked at the top of the pile. It is another interesting option and a fascinating trip back in time for a nostalgic Lego fan. You can read more about it the Lego Minifigure book here on Amazon.

See you
at the toy store!

Lego fans will enjoy checking out the retired sets in my eBay store.

Lego's Beatles' Yellow Submarine Set.
Know someone who loves Lego and the Beatles? This will be the set for them!

A throw-back to another time, adult fans who remember typewriters will enjoy this set.

An adult-level set for those appreciate grocery stores or markets of the old-fashioned style.

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