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Every now and then there is a new LEGO set or even two that makes me smile. As someone who learned keyboarding in the early 1980s, I well remember typewriters though in the 1980s we had electric typewriters and I never actually had to type a letter on a manual one.  

This typewriter, of course, is completely old school in style. It is even more vintage than the 1980s machines that I used because it is completely manual and features a moveable carriage and keys (though it does not actually type), holds a sheet of real paper and includes Lego's first fabric piece, an ink ribbon. 

Meet LEGO's Typewriter, set number 21327. It is a 2,079 piece set that is recommended for individuals 18 and up.  That seems appropriate since I think it is adults who are going to think this item is interesting.  Crafted after real 1950 typewriters in style and color, it will appeal to those who are like vintage design. It would definitely be a conversation piece for anyone like me who remembers learning to type on a typewriter, for anyone who is a writer and for anyone who loves mid-century modern style. It would be perfectly at home in your home or work office, wherever it is that you work from these days. 

To learn a lot more about the creation of this set, watch this five-minute video, which details how this set was created from a fan's winning design.

The set is part of LEGO's Adults Welcome series, which creates kits that are of interest to adults and offers a nod to the fact that while Lego sets purchased online are purchased by adults they are not all given to children.

Available July 1, 2021, from Lego by clicking right here or you can join LEGO's VIP program to buy it today. The VIP program is free and comes with advance notice of new sets, members discounts and points for all of your LEGO purchases made through the LEGO website or their retail stores.

Does this set make you feel nostalgic? 


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