Springbok Nutcracker Jigsaw Puzzles

Springbok Round Nutcracker Jigsaw Puzzle

Springbok Nutcracker Collection Puzzle

Springbok Nutcracker Workshop PuzzleOver the years, Springbok has produced a number of different jigsaw puzzles with nutcrackers on them. I love them all.

I have gathered a few of them together here on the page but I am unsure if my collection is complete.

Springbok Nutcracker Brigade PuzzleShown at the top is the round puzzle, one that is simply titled Nutcracker. It has 500 pieces. The image credit for the picture of this puzzle goes to eBay store owner, bixbybasil. Unfortunately, this puzzle is out of production.

The second puzzle is a fairly recent one and is currently in production. It is called Nutcracker Collection and has 1,000 pieces. You can find this puzzle on Amazon by clicking here.

The third puzzle is the Nutcracker Workshop puzzle. It has 400 pieces and is a family puzzle meaning that it has big pieces for children and little pieces for the young at heart. This puzzle is and all of those that follow are also out of production.

Springbok Nostalgic Nutcracker Jigsaw Puzzle

The fourth puzzle is the Nutcracker Brigade puzzle, which is a 500 piece puzzle that includes a wooden ornament.

The 400 piece puzzle shown to the right is known as Nostalgic Nutcrackers.

Sometimes you can find one of these older puzzles new and/or used on eBay:

Anyone who loves working a puzzle and who loves Christmas will enjoy working one of these Nutcracker-themed puzzles. They would make a great gift idea for someone who collects nutcrackers, too!

Happy Puzzling!

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Find all of Amazon's Springbok Nutcracker puzzles here.

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