Now Playing...Eastern Canada Frozen Editorial Cartoon

Eastern Canada Frozen Editorial Cartoon

Love this editorial cartoon from the February 19, 2015 edition of the Ottawa Citizen featuring the artwork of Greg Perry. It depicts a man attempting to dig out the driveway and his wife attempting to walk the dog and I love how it alludes to Disney's Frozen movie with the Now Playing...Eastern Canada Frozen caption. 

I figure that the image is representative of my husband and I as we head out in a few minutes for part two of the snow removal for the latest snow storm that we were gifted with this weekend in Ottawa.  

We are definitely feeling FROZEN this month though we don't have a dog that has to be walked out there in the frigid Arctic air and I feel sorry for those dogs (and their owners) when they do have to go out.

How about you? Is it cold where you reside? What are you doing to stay warm?

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