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The artist B. Kliban created Kliban the ultimate cartoon cat in the 1970s and his black and white cat achieved huge popularity from the publication of the first book and was eventually featured on every type of merchandise conceivable from calendars and t-shirts to mugs and cookie jars. (Shown above is the first B. Kliban book called Cat.)

The Collectible 70s says that official B. Kliban merchandise, that is merchandise marked BKliban, was only manufactured for about 6 years. Since Kliban the cat has retained his popularity, merchandise bearing his likeness is highly sought after, especially the older pieces marked BKliban.  After the artist's death, other manufacturers produced pieces using Kliban's likeness and some of those items will be marked JKliban or BKcats. 

Take for example the items shown above, which sold on eBay in the last 90 days. This unusually colorful B. Kliban teapot from eBay seller lkg0vvu and the B. Kliban notecards from eBay seller longshaw are two examples of more valuable Kliban pieces. What Kliban collector wouldn't like to own that striking teapot?

I rarely find Kliban merchandise myself when I am sourcing but, at this time, I have two items in my eBay store. One is the unusual cookie jar shown above, which was manufactured by Sigma and Tastesetters in the shape of a pair of pants with not one but rather three Kliban the cat figures on top and the other item is a "Love A Cat" coffee mug. You can find my Kliban eBay listings by clicking right here.

Pretty good, don’t you think, for a cat that is not considered particularly cute or mysterious but simply very funny?

Treasures By Brenda

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