Alexander Keith's Brewery Tour & Merchandise

We had the opportunity this summer to enjoy a tour of Alexander Keith's Brewery in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Note that it was the historical brewery, which was established in 1820 and which is located in downtown Halifax. It no longer produces Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale nor any other beverage.  We don't know whether or not you can actually tour a working Keith's brewery.

We were impressed by the enthusiasm of the costumed interpretors who led us from room to room and told us the story of Alexander Keith as shown in the following short video tour of the brewery. It was hard to imagine how the guides maintain such a high level of energy throughout a whole day of presentations.

Anyway, we enjoy Keith's beer occasionally and we enjoyed the tour. At the end of the tour, we were each offered two steins of Alexander Keith's beer, which was more than we could handle in the segment of the tour that we spent in the vintage-style tavern but we enjoyed the opportunity to taste test two varieties we had not had before.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND the tour for anyone interested in the history of Halifax and/or Alexander Keith's beer.

Alexander Keith's produces a variety of merchandise items for its beer drinking fans.  If you missed out on buying a souvenir when you visited the brewery or you have never had the chance to visit but you love the brand, please check out the Alexander Keith's merchandise in my eBay store.  I usually have a few items including the Alexander Keith's Fine Beers steins as shown here.

"Those who like it,
like it a lot!" - Keiths
Treasures By Brenda

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