Is Caffeine A Molecule Novelty Coffee Mug

Here's a coffee mug that will make you and all the science geeks in your world smile. It's a laboratory themed beaker with a molecule on the front. A caffeine molecule, that is.

The flip side shows your current caffeine-powered status, based on how much of your first cup of coffee you have processed. I am sure you can relate to going from inanimate to lethargic, grumpy, irritable, apathetic, intelligent and finally, genius.

As I B Geekin' says, boldly embrace your inner geek. This glass coffee cup has been made by science geeks for science geeks and loved by everyone. I love a coffee mug that makes me smile! If you do and you are hooked on chemistry and caffeine, this mug is the one for you but don't forget all those other caffeine addicted members of your family. They will love it, too.

See you
at the coffee bar
(though it will be
tea in my coffee mug!)

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