31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: The Toilet Coffee Mug

The Toilet Coffee Mug

Novelty Drinking Mugs are Just Plain Fun!

Drinking mugs are something most people view loosely as something you 'need' but novelty drinking mugs turn that need into good, clean fun. Well, in the case of this toilet shaped drinking mug, clean might be a stretch but it's still great fun!

Novelty mugs make great gifts for the hard to shop for friend or loved one, for the office Christmas gift exchange anyone with a sense of humor. They make fantastic conversation starters, pencil holders or even cute home d├ęcor items. Check out these fun uses for this toilet-shaped coffee mug! You will note no one is actually drinking from them.

The Toilet Coffee MugThe Toilet Coffee Mug

31 Days of Coffee Mugs The Toilet Coffee MugMore Uses for Coffee Mugs

Think the dog is the only one able to drink from the toilet? Not so with these drinking mugs! But of course you are free to use it in any of the ways illustrated in the photographs shown above. Use it as a candy dish, an ice cream bowl, a potpourri dish or a planter. Perhaps as a coin dish. Maybe a cat's bowl...

Go ahead, put your imagination to work and invent your own uses for this very unique toilet shaped coffee mug. After all, there is no set rule that says your mugs have to be used for drinking, is there?

What else do you use coffee mugs for?

You never know what
coffee mugs I might have
in store for you!

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