EBAY CARTOON: A Picture Really Is Worth A Thousand Words

Whichever side of the transaction you find yourself on on eBay, be it the buyer or the seller or maybe even both, you are found to enjoy the sentiment shared on this New Yorker cartoon by Lee Lorenz.  

The caption reads, "It's eBay fever - we'll have to pull the plug." A sentiment that can be applied equally to both the eBay shopping addict and the eBay selling hoarder. 

If you are the buyer, you can relate to finding all kinds of cool, unique, unusual, new, used and vintage treasures on eBay.

If you are an eBay seller, you are well aware of how easy it is to find merchandise to sell on eBay and how quickly it can pile up if you do not stay on top of listing...

'Till next time, keep on doing whichever it is you do!   I'll try to keep on listing.

You Never Know 

What Treasure I Might Have 
in Store For You!

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  1. LOL! Love that cartoon. I am both a seller and a buyer. The buyer side mainly buy stamps/postcards and the occasionnal vintage/antique item that I usually use around the house.

    AS for the seller side, that's pretty much it, although I am close to this of having everything in bins and boxes...

  2. I, too, am both though my buys tend to be more boring than yours, LOL. Sometimes a movie or a practical item like a new battery for a phone. Thanks for visiting, Nathalie!


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