Yankee Candle Easter Candles

I love it or at least the idea of it for I have not actually had the chance to smell one. The Yankee Candle company has released a scented PEEPS Marshmallow Chicks Collector’s Edition Candle. How much fun is that? I wonder what it smells like...I need to sniff out some PEEPS to see what they smell like.

A little online sleuthing reveals that this is not the first Easter-scented Yankee Candle. Previous scents have included: Bunny Cake, Happy Easter, Easter Egg Hunt, Chocolate Bunnies and White Chocolate Bunnies.  They are all still available either at retail or through resellers on Amazon and eBay. 

A quick peek on ebay reveals 233 Yankee Candle Easter themed listings, some of which are actually candles and some of which are candle holders and accessories. I really thought the Easter Bunny Topper, seen here, was particularly cute and I will admit that prior to writing this post I did not know there was such a thing as a candle accessory.

I did know that Yankee Candles are highly collectible with buyers seeking out favorite scents long after they have been discontinued.  As is often the case, eBay is the best place to turn when you are looking for out-of-production items like these scented candles.

Right now, eBay shows over 20,000 Yankee Candle listings. The highest sale price that I see currently for a single candle is $173 plus shipping for a scent known as Waterfall Canyon. That's a lot of money for a single candle but it just shows you how very popular these candles are and of course, that's an extreme example, for many other new and discontinued scents are available at much more reasonable prices.

For fun, here's a selection of Yankee Candle Easter themed listings on eBay:

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Kleenex on eBay?

Kleenex? Yes, I am writing about Kleenex today. I read a decorating post this morning about decorating with Kleenex that was written by blogger Eclectically Vintage about the style of the new Kleenex boxes and I wondered what I'd find if I searched for Kleenex on eBay.

Well, of course, I found lots of Kleenex because you can buy ANYTHING on eBay and you can definitely buy a humble box of Kleenex or even a crate load of them if that is your hearts desire.

You can also buy tissue box covers like the ones that are part of a typical bathroom accessories set. More interestingly, however, is the fact that you can buy Kleenex box covers in all sorts of materials, colours and themes including but in no way limited to ceramic, plastic and metal. Whatever you are into, there is likely a tissue box cover for you.

Some of the themes are very interesting, even if you might not want to own it, like the fairly rare Famicom Nintendo Kleenex box cover, suitable for the family room or the mancave.

The most expensive Kleenex box cover I saw was a wooden one, the Acanthus antique baroque-style Kleenex box cover, which is available in silver and gold. It's is quite elaborate and would suit a fancy bathroom.

Of course, on eBay I also saw a lot of interesting Kleenex items relating to the history of the company Kleenex, a few of which made me smile, like the Disney movie posters for a movie called How To Catch Cold a Disney movie I have never heard of, the Kleenex vending machines that I had no idea existed and a 1962 Chevy Kleenex dispenser, which in my humble opinion  could possibly be one of the most practical car accessories ever invented after, of course, the coffee mug holder.

Of course, knowing that there is a t-shirt for every theme, there are even Kleenex-themed t-shirts, should you be interested.

A visit to Amazon found tons of Kleenex box covers to choose from, like this humorous Egyptian-themed Kleenex box cover featuring King Tut, as well as your ordinary humble boxes of Kleenex.

Personally, I use whatever box Kleenex provides me with and it is often not Kleenex brand.  I enjoy some of the themes the tissue companies create like the Christmastime boxes and, when my boys were little, the children's themed boxes but I will admit that most of the time, I do not think about the box that my Kleenex comes in...

How about you? Do you use a Kleenex box straight from the store or do you dress yours up a bit? And do tell, is your Kleenex or another brand?

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The Big Hug Mug From True Detective

If you are watching the gritty HBO crime series True Detective with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as Louisiana State Police detectives, you might have noticed the Big Hug Mug seen during an interrogation with McConaughey’s character Rust Cohle as shown here.

It happens from time to time that an item which appears in a television program or a movie becomes a part of pop culture and that is the case with this simple coffee mug, which started life in the 1980s as a small floral arrangement known as the FTD Big Hug Mug Bouquet.

Since appearing on True Detective, the Big Hug Mug has become a sought after item and fans are turning to eBay to buy themselves one. If you are looking to add a Big Hug Mug to your collection or want to gift one to a True Detective fan, you can find one on eBay by clicking right here.

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