New Old Spice Mom Commercial 2014

Old Spice has done it again! As the mom of a couple of young men, I found this new Old Spice commercial positively hysterical.

I am not sure how the young men in my life will like it but I do hope that they will laugh at it, too and that they know that while I love them A LOT, I am not like the mother you will see here in the advertisement for Old Spice Refresh Body Sprays:

So, what did you think?
I hope it made you laugh!

Treasures By Brenda
You never know what
I might have in store for you!

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  1. ROFL it's hysterical. My dad have been using the "old" old spice all his life. The basic one, that's been around for... I don't know 40 years+. It's a bluish stick in the red container. I think it smells good. Not sure about the new generation, but they are doing a great ad campaign.

  2. I have three men in my life -- none of whom use Old Spice -- but they are definitely aware of the brand because of these ads!


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