How To Buy & Sell Jigsaw Puzzles on eBay

To sell jigsaw puzzles or not to sell jigsaw puzzles on eBay, that is the question. I do but I proceed with caution...
I DO SELL NEW PUZZLES that are still in their factory sealed packaging. Sometimes that box and/or the plastic wrap may have shelfwear and damage likely rendering it unsuitable for a buyer who wants a puzzle as a gift but making it guaranteed complete for any jigsaw puzzler who wants to add a certain puzzle to his or her collection.  As a Canadian eBay seller, I am particularly careful to purchase puzzles that are more valuable or rare because otherwise the cost of shipping a puzzle can be as much as the value of a puzzle, which is not a good combination.

I DO SELL USED PUZZLES that my family has worked. Working a puzzle for the sake of selling it would definitely NOT be profitable. It takes many hours to complete a large puzzle and the return on time spent would be poor. However, my family enjoys working jigsaw puzzles. I leave a puzzle out on the coffee table and when someone is in the mood, he or she will stop for a few moments and put a few pieces in place.

I DO NOT USUALLY SELL PUZZLES that are opened and that we have not worked.  That means I leave a lot of interesting puzzles behind. However, since I sell on eBay, where a seller's reputation is such an important part of how a buyer finds your item and whether or not he chooses to buy from you, I am unwilling to list a jigsaw puzzle that I cannot guarantee is complete.

How about you? Do you sell jigsaw puzzles? New ones? Used ones?

Or maybe you are a buyer of jigsaw puzzles, in which case we would love to hear your thoughts on buying puzzles, particularly used ones. Do you buy them if they have been opened? If a seller cannot guarantee that they are complete? Or perhaps you only buy sealed puzzles?

If you are a jigsaw puzzle fan, be sure to join us on our Facebook page, WE LOVE JIGSAW PUZZLES. We'd love to hear your puzzling success stories.

Treasures By Brenda

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