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Cranium Board Games

Family Friendly Cranium Board Games

Our introduction to Cranium games was in 2001 through a family board game called Cranium Cadoo. Cranium Cadoo is the child-friendly version of a game called Cranium and our family really enjoyed the challenges of the different types of activities that had us "thinking, creating, giggling, grinning, and laughing" when we played.

Since then, quite a few more Cranium games have been made. Some of them are still available at retail outlets and others are out of production and must be sourced more creatively by turning to online resellers.

This page is intended as a resource page on which you will find a brief discussion of a few Cranium-made games as well as help for sourcing them. Be forewarned that some games that are out of production go up in price. If you are seeking a new copy of one of the retired games, you will very likely have to pay more that you might expect but even a used copy of a game that is very popular and no longer being made will cost more than the original retail price.

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Cranium's Balloon Lagoon: The Four-In-One Carnival Game For Kids

Cranium Balloon Lagoon

Cranium Balloon Lagoon: The Four-In-One Carnival Game For Kids is a carnival themed game in which you have fun at each of the four carnival games before the music comes to an end. This game is recommended for 2 to 4 players aged 5 and up. Find it on Amazon here.

Cranium's Cariboo Island: A Magical Treasure Hunt

Cranium Cariboo Island

Cranium's Cariboo Island takes you and your children on a magical treasure hunt during which you must match colors, letters, shapes and numbers. Once you have found enough treasure you can unlock the treasure chest. This game is recommended for 2 to 4 players aged 3 and up. Find it on Amazon here.

Cranium Cariboo A Magical Treasure Hunt Game (Extended Version)

Cranium Cariboo

Cranium Cariboo, the extended version, is a game in which you and your children explore the island called Cariboo and find castles, boats and balloons. On each play, your children get to match drawings, unlock doors and work toward find treasure. This version of the game features six rubber balls and is recommended for 2 to 4 players aged 3 and up. Find it on Amazon here.

More Cranium Games

Cranium features 14 activities with various types of activities including some for the actor, the artist, the data hound or the wordsmith. It is intended to allow everyone to be able to have success according to his or her strengths. This version of Cranium is intended for individuals 16 years old and up.

In Cranium’s Family Fun Game you get to sculpt, flip frogs and perform stunts. You complete many different activities as a team in order to get four in a row. Cranium Family Fun is recommended for individuals aged 6 and up.

Cranium, WOW is the upgraded version of the original Cranium Game. In this game you move around the game board to get to Cranium Central. You have 15 activities, including sketching, sculpting, puzzling, acting and humming, to complete and 600 cards. It is recommended for individuals 13 and up.

In Cranium Disney, you play the game of Cranium on a Disney-themed board. Once again it has opportunities for the artist, singer, actor or speller to shine, this time with Disney and Disney/Pixar activities like identifying things that a Princess might say or remembering how Aladdin’s song A Whole New World goes. Cranium Disney is recommended for individuals aged 8 and up.

In Cranium Whoonu, you spend time getting to know your friends and family and discover that you don’t know everything about them. It is recommended for individuals 8 to adult and is good for team building and for use as an icebreaker.

That is just a partial list of the Cranium games available. You can see ALL of Amazon's Cranium games by clicking right here.

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Author's Note: Originally published elsewhere in 2014.

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