Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle Family Tradition

Include Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles in Your Family's Holiday Traditions 

Each year my family works on Christmas jigsaw puzzles during the month of December. We put a Christmas themed puzzle out on the coffee table and occasionally someone stops and puts a few pieces in place. If you are a puzzler, you already know that once the puzzle starts to come together, our visits become longer and more frequent. It is a wonderful family tradition that everyone can enjoy.

Have you considered working a jigsaw puzzle during the holidays? Puzzles are affordable, technology-free family fun. I have included on this page five lovely Christmas-themed jigsaw puzzles by Springbok. Each one of them retails for less than $15 on Amazon and I have showed a range of puzzle sizes from 350 to 1000 pieces. Whether you are shopping for a new puzzle or just curious about what is available, I hope you enjoy my choices.

Springbok Nutcracker Collection Puzzle

Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy button to find all of Springbok's Christmas themed puzzles on Amazon so I have added a link below the picture of each of these puzzles to help you find them if you are interested in adding one of them to your collection.

Start your own Christmas family tradition by working a jigsaw puzzle together.

Treasures By Brenda


  1. I love working jigsaw puzzles and Christmas is a wonderful time to have a Christmas-themed puzzle set out for the whole family to work on whenever they have a few minutes. I definitely know how addicting working puzzles can be, especially as the picture begins to come together. One can't leave the puzzle without finding just 'one more piece'. :) Love your selections here.

  2. These puzzles are so beautiful, colorful, cheerful! Love the idea of a family tradition of working on a holiday jigsaw puzzle together during visits home.

  3. Thanks for visiting & commenting, ladies. Obviously we love the tradition, too and only occasionally have to be told to go to bed!


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