TRAVEL GIFTS: Bon Voyage Vintage Globe Art

I have found some fantastic travel-themed gift ideas and want to share them with you so this is the first post in a series I'll call the 10 Days of Travel Gifts. Who knows, maybe it will last longer than ten days! Some of them are  items that you could create on your own if you are talented. If you are like me and love looking and dreaming but never do much actual creating, you will be glad that you can actually purchase every single one of them.

How cool is this bon voyage vintage globe? I say, very! A vintage globe with a travel theme and I love the fact that it is an upcycled, recycled and reused piece.

Anyone who is attracted to vintage globes and who loves to travel will appreciate this item. Artist Wendy Gold reuses globes so every piece that she creates is different. Yes, that means the globe you receive will not look like this one.

The artwork Gold applies is hand-cut, put in place, decoupaged and finished. She alters the size and color of the artwork to suit each vintage globe but if you are after a certain color theme, she is willing to work with you. If you want a different sized globe, that can be arranged, too.

The globes are all pre-owned so they will have what Gold lovingly calls character. Some might call that patina. Others, signs of normal wear. You should also be aware that vintage globes are not geographically accurate so this might not be a great gift idea for a grade schooler to learn geography from. However, they are a great gift idea for a world traveller or for someone who dreams of travelling the world. They would make a brilliant gift idea for a wedding or for a golden anniversary. If youa re curious, you can check out all of Gold's vintage map and globe art here on Etsy.

Happy Trails to You!

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