The 12 Days of Christmas Starbucks Gift Ideas

The 12 Days of Christmas Starbucks Gift Ideas
Image by Blackberry Light.

A Page Packed With Starbucks Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a Starbucks Christmas gift idea, you will enjoy this page because it is packed with great Starbucks gifts based loosely around the fun Starbucks Christmas commercial, The Twelve Days of Christmas.

I had a lot of fun searching for these items and I know you will love the TWELVE wonderful gift choices that I found to share with you.

There is no need, of course, to buy twelve items unless you are shopping for twelve people.  However, any one or two of these items would make a terrific gift idea for a coffee lover. You could also pick and choose from amongst the twelve items to create a great Starbucks gift set.

A List of The Twelve Days of Christmas Starbucks Gift Ideas

The Twelve Days of Christmas Starbucks commercial builds, of course, from one through twelve of the recommended items.

  • A gold bag of Christmas blend.
  • Two tasty drinks.
  • Three coffee presses.
  • Four Barista bears.
  • Five merry mugs.
  • Six ornaments.
  • Seven water bottles.
  • Eight advent calendars.
  • Nine stocking stuffers.
  • Ten tumblers tumbling.
  • Eleven muffins marching.
  • Twelve tunes a playin'.

The First Day of Christmas: A Gold Bag of Starbucks Christmas Blend Coffee

Starbucks' Christmas blend is made with a blend of Latin American coffees and smooth, full-bodied Asian Pacific beans and has been called sweet, spicy and herbal. Of course, the Christmas blend is only available at Christmas time and could be subject to change in both taste and bag color. You can look for Starbucks' Christmas blend here on Amazon.

The Second Day of Christmas: Two Tasty Drinks from Starbucks Passion For Coffee

Amazon customer reviews for Starbucks Passion For Coffee are glowing. This book includes recipes, instructions and information about coffee. I like the idea that it shares 34 recipes for sweet treats and provides suggestions for what types of coffee go best with them. I think it is a great gift idea. That is, the cookbook and a promise of two cups of coffee created from the pages of the book. It's still available new at a deeply discounted price on Amazon. Find Starbucks Passion For Coffee here on Amazon

The Third Day of Christmas: Three Coffee Presses by Bodum

The 12 Days of Christmas Starbucks Gift Ideas includes this cute Bodum French press.
Starbucks recommends using a coffee press at home. They say that coffee presses are a simple and functional way to brew "exceptionally rich, flavorful coffee." Shown here is just one of the many available from Bodum, which is the press of choice at Starbucks. I've shown it in the four cup size though it is available in a wide array of choices from a travel single serving version to a twelve cup version. Pick the size that is the most appropriate for the individual you are gifting it to. Of course, if they love and use a French press, they just might want to own multiple sizes so that they can pick the right size for the moment at hand. See Amazon's complete collection of Bodum French presses here.

The Fourth Day of Christmas: Four Starbucks Barista or Bearista Teddy Bears

Whether you start or add to an existing Bearista bear collection, a Starbucks fan who loves teddy bears will enjoy finding one of these cute bears under the Christmas tree. eBay definitely has a better selection of the these bears, which have been produced for many years. You can see all of the Bearista bears on eBay by clicking here.

The Fifth Day of Christmas: Five Christmas Starbucks Coffee Mugs

Starbucks Christmas mugs are pretty amazing. I have yet to see one that I did not like. How about you?  A mug makes a practical and affordable Christmas gift for any coffee, tea or hot chocolate drinker at Christmas time -- either given singly or as a group of five. I also like the idea of using a mug as a gift container, like the one in the picture shown above. I find that eBay definitely has a superior collection of Christmas Starbucks mugs, which you can see by following that link.

The Sixth Day of Christmas: Six Starbucks Christmas Tree Ornaments

Starbucks Christmas ornaments!
Starbucks Christmas Ornaments
Image by y0aimee.

If your Starbucks fan already has a large selection of mugs, you might want to consider gifting one or more of these Starbucks Christmas ornaments. Whether you pick the ones shown in this picture of the take out cups or any of the others that available, they will be a reminder every year at Christmastime of Starbucks coffee.

The Seventh Day of Christmas: Seven Starbucks Water Bottles

Seven water bottles...that is what the commercial recommends next. Gifting seven friends with seven water bottles. A water bottle is another practical and affordable gift idea, don't you think? You can check out all of Starbucks water bottles on Amazon by clicking here. There are some very handsome choices available.

The Eighth Day of Christmas: Eight Starbucks Advent Calendars

There are a number of Starbucks advent calendars available any of which would be an unexpected gift for any coffee lover. Next year, they will be able to count down the days to Christmas with Starbucks. Check them out on eBay by clicking here. Of course, an advent calendar is never out of date.  

The Ninth Day of Christmas: Nine Starbucks Stocking Stuffers

Sleigh Full of Songs CD
Stockings By The Fire CD
Starbucks Gift Cards
Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Instant & Microground Colombia Coffee
Coffee Cufflinks with Gift Box
Starbucks Vanilla Syrup
Handmade Wooden Coffee Scoop
Starbucks Ready Brew Colombia Coffee
Starbucks Iced Coffee

Is there anything on this list that you would not like to receive in your Christmas stocking? Some of these items might be a tad big or a bit more expensive than the amount that you and I usually spend on stocking stuffers but, when the item is perfect, it works. In my humble opinion, the BEST Starbucks stocking stuffer is a gift card. It is certainly the most practical stocking stuffer and I like to try to choose practical items rather than trinkets for our stockings. If you do not visit Starbucks yourself or your recipient is far away, you can buy gift cards for Starbucks directly from Amazon by clicking here.

The Tenth Day of Christmas: Ten Starbucks Tumblers Tumbling

The Tenth Day of Christmas: Ten Starbucks Tumblers Tumbling

Ten tumblers tumbling...I love this bright bold red one and there are plenty of red Starbucks tumblers to pick from plus, of course, tumblers in lots of other great colors. You can see them all on Amazon by clicking right here. Who wouldn't love to receive a Starbucks tumbler for Christmas?

The Eleventh Day of Christmas: Eleven Starbucks Muffins Marching

Eleven Starbucks muffins. Eleven muffins marching would be an amazing gift, whether you choose to make or buy the muffins. Failing that, how about a loaf of the best banana bread ever? Or maybe an entire cranberry coffee cake? Here are links to the best-ever banana bread recipe (a not-so-secret family recipe) and our cranberry loaf recipe. Make them ahead and offer a loaf as a gift that will not last long. Making your own will prove to be less expensive than buying them from Starbucks.

The Twelfth Day of Christmas: Twelve Starbucks Tunes Playing

The Twelfth Day of Christmas: Twelve Starbucks Tunes Playing
Twelve tunes a playin' are another great Christmas gift idea. Of course, Starbucks is better known for their coffee. However, their music compilations, holiday and otherwise, are popular and sought after, too, like the 2009 Stockings by the Fire; the 2012 release, Holidays Rule; or the 2013 release, 'Tis the Season, which is shown here and which was also released on vinyl.

In Closing

In closing, the Starbucks Twelve Days of Christmas television commercial inspired this page. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to find it.

I do hope that these ideas help you find some great Starbucks-themed gift ideas for your friends and family this year.

You never know
what I might have in store for you!


Starbucks in my eBay Store.
Starbucks 2015 Year of the Sheep Zodiacal Coffee Mug

Author's note: This page was originally published elsewhere in 2011.

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