Tell Time Owl Clock Bank

Tell Time Owl Clock

With the love of vintage items naturally follows the love of vintage posters.  This one however is a reproduction art print of an advertisement for a Tell Time Owl Clock Savings Bank.  As the poster says, when a coin is inserted the clock hands revolve and the eyes blink.

I was planning on offering the poster as a nearly wordless Wednesday post but I was curious about what the original product was like so I did a bit of searching online where I discovered that this little mechanical piggy bank may have been made in Japan by a company called Sonsco in the 1950s. However, some of the product that I found seemed almost brand new, which made me wonder if a reproduction clock was also available so this is definitely a case of buyer beware. If you are shopping for a vintage version of this clock, you might expect it to show some wear.

Anyway, I think this REPRODUCTION advertising poster is a hoot, don't you? Perfect for anyone with a keep interest in collecting vintage pieces and/or owls.

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