INTERESTING AUCTIONS: Emily Carr's The Crazy Stair

I am always intrigued by unique, one-of-a-kind auctions like those that include works by famous artists. In this instance it is a painting by Canada's Emily Carr that is known as The Crazy Stair and The Crooked Staircase, which is coming up for auction on November 28, 2013.

The painting, which hung previously at the historic Vancouver Club in British Columbia, Canada, was called The Crooked Staircase but recently, during conservation, it was discovered that this painting is really named The Crazy Stair by Carr herself. 

This work, which comes from Emily Carr's West Coast aboriginal artwork of the 1920s, features a looming totem figure, a crooked staircase and bright Pacific greenery.

The auction house, Heffel Fine Art, says this painting represents Emily Carr at "full maturity."   It is expected to fetch up to $1.6 million dollars with that figure being called conservative. 

Emily Carr is one of Canada's most known artists and this piece of art considered amongst the rarest of Canadian pieces. I would love to see it find a new home in a museum so that all of us can enjoy it but I have no idea if that is likely to happen.

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